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The Unified Ad Server Dashboard provides an overview of key data points with links for easy access to view more detailed reporting. Use the Date Range selections to view data for different time periods.

About the Dashboard

The Dashboard is the default page when you first log in to PubMatic. To return to the Dashboard at any time, select the PubMatic logo or use Analytics > Dashboard.

From the Dashboard you can:

  • View overall account performance or view by specific site or date range.
  • View top performing deals, orders, demand sources and audiences.
  • View and access alerts and analytics reports.

Key Performance Indicators

View KPIs for your account by Channel.


Top Performers

The Dashboard displays charts for top performing Deals, Demand SourcesOrders, and Audiences. 

Top Deals, Demand Sources & Orders

View Top Deals, Demand Sources, and Orders by Revenue, Impressions or eCPM. Each can be viewed by percentage in a graph format or in a list by name. Click the icons in the upper right to change which format you display. Additionally, Demand Sources can be viewed by Buyers, DSPs, or Advertisers using the drop-down View menu.

Top Audiences

View audience data for different groups for the last month. Choose from:

  • Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Political Affiliation
  • Male Age
  • Female Age
  • Education
  • Income
  • Children
  • Political Engagement


Select from pre-populated alerts that will notify you when certain performance thresholds are reached or customize your own alerts. For example, an alert can be triggered when there is a specific percentage drop in revenue or eCPM or there is a change in top 10 advertisers, DSPs, or buyers. Choose from 20 different reports and set their frequency for daily, weekly or monthly. 

Alert Types

Currently only SSP Alerts will appear on the Dashboard.

To view all alerts while viewing the Dashboard, choose View All Alerts at the bottom of the list of alerts or from any page, select the Alert icon  in the PubMatic header. Alerts can also be configured to be sent via email.

Report Types

Admin-level users can modify which reports appear on the list of alerts.