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If you add more than one creative to a line item, you can set the rotation for the creatives that define how the line item is delivered to the user. After adding the creatives to a line item, select the rotation method to apply.

Refer to Line Item Details (UAS) and Adding Creatives in UAS for information about adding line items and creatives.

  • Evenly (Default)
  • Sequentially
  • Weighted
  • Optimized

Creative Rotation Methods


The creatives associated with the line item will rotate evenly throughout the duration of the campaign.



The creatives associated with the line item will rotate sequentially for each user, which is determined by the sequence numbers entered in the line item. This is useful if you want to display a series of creatives in a particular order in the same ad unit. Once the rotation method is selected, set the sequence for each creative. The sequential range can be set between 1 - 100.

The line item with a sequential rotation creative will only deliver for the user where PubMatic cookies are dropped successfully; otherwise, only the first creative will be shown for the cookie-less user or PubMatic/GDPR opted-out user. 


The creatives associated with the line item will rotate at a frequency assigned to each creative.

Weighted Calculation = Weight of a single creative/Total weight for all creatives associated with the line item


Creative 1 Weight = 10

Creative 2 Weight = 20

Creative 3 Weight = 10


Total Weight = 40


Creative 1: 25%

Creative 2: 50%

Creative 3: 25%


The creative associated with the line item with the highest performance will get served to the user.