Creating & Editing PMP or PMP-G Deals

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Use the following instructions to create a Deal. Deals can be created from either an Offer or a Product

To learn more about managing deals, refer to the Deal Management for Publishers guide

Before you Begin: Be sure you've created the Offer or Product prior to creating the deal.

Create a New Deal

  1. Select Transactions | Deals from the main navigation.
  2. Click Create Deal in the upper right.

Deal Information

  1. Enter a Deal Name using the convention: ATD/Buyer - DSP-Publisher Placement MMDDYY.

  2. Enter a Deal ID using the convention: Buyer - Publisher - Month/Day - NumericValue
    Deal ID has a limit of 64 characters.
  3. Enter a Deal Description.

Enter Details


  1. Associate an offer or product with this deal by clicking Offer or Product from the Create a Deal From buttons.
  2. Select the specific offer or product from the drop-down menu below the buttons. The Name, Description and Summary information will auto-complete. 
  3. Select the Demand Partner Demand Side Platform(s) and Buyer(s).

    PMP-G can have only one buyer and one DSP.


    Buyers are filtered based on DSP Selection. We display Buyer - DSP - SeadtId for each DSP Buyer pair. SeatId is an association Id between DSP and Buyer.


  1. Select a Channel Type: PMP, or PMP-G 
  2. Select a priority for the deal.
    PMP: P8-16 (Default is P16)
    PMP-G: P4 or higher
    Note: In PubMatic’s Simplified Priority, 1 is the highest priority and 16 is the lowest priority. Bids from demand sources will consider the priority in the bidding process. If there are two bids with the same bid amount and different priorities, the bid with the higher priority will be considered in the auction.

    For more information about setting priorities, refer to Setting Priorities with the Simplified Model (P16) 
  3.  Select the Time zone that applies to this deal.
  4. Enter the Start Date & End Date for the Transaction. For transactions without an end date, select Ongoing.
    PMP-G Must have an end date; PMP-G deals cannot be ongoing.
  5. Select the Auction Type:
    Second Price: The highest bidder wins the auction, but pays the second-highest bidder’s bid price plus fee. (PMP ONLY)
    First Price: Each bidder provides a bid. The highest bidder gets the first slot, the second-highest the second slot, etc. Bidders pay the price they bid themselves. (PMP ONLY)
    Fixed Price: Price paid in the PMP deal is not an auction, but is agreed to by both seller and buyer.

  6. Enter the desired CPM for this deal in USD.
  7. Enter a Minimum Amount and Available Impressions. (PMP-G ONLY)
  8. Select Yes or No for whether this deal is a Consortium deal. If Yes, select the PMRG Category and enter Revenue Share.



General Targeting

Set your geographical and audience targets, rich media technology (if applicable), and key value rules.

  1. Select whether you want Matched Users, Unmatched or Any. Typically used for those publishers integrated through a DMP. If unsure of which option to choose, select Any.
  2. Set targeting criteria. Select include for those you want to target or exclude for those you want to exclude. To remove selected items, click the “X” or Clear All in the Targeted Summary section.
  • Geography: Select one or more geographic regions from where visitors will be served impressions.

    New tags are not needed to target specific geos, only to select geos in this column will target that specific inventory. (e.g., if trying to target Canada, select Canada as inventory. No need to create Canadian tags.)

    • Geography is by country. Any DMA targeting will be done on the backend by PubMatic. (Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to request this if needed.)
  • Audience: Select the audience(s) who will be targeted with this offer.

  • Rich Media: Select one or more Rich Media providers. Rich media ads include streaming video, text or images that interact instantly with visitors.

  • Key Value: Enter custom variables that are part of this offer.

  1. Click Add Rule to create a new rule for this offer, or
    Click Delete to delete the rule from the PubMatic system, or
    Click +Add Another Key. Follow these steps to add a key value to this deal:
    1. Enter the key values.
      Example: Targeting supported
      Key: Category Is 123
      Key: Whitelist Is 1,2

      Example: Targeting not supported
      Key: Age Is Under 25
    2. Click Submit. The key feature will be added to this rule.
    3. Click +Add Key to this Rule to add another key feature for this rule.
    4. Click Done to create the rule.

Video Targeting

Select the video targeting attributes to include in this deal.

  • Video Ad Formats:
    • Linear: Indicates the video ad which runs before, between, or after the video content is viewed by the publisher.
    • Non-Linear: Indicates the video ad which runs parallel to the video content so the publisher still has the option of viewing the content.
  • Ad Position:
    • Pre-roll: Video ad that appears before the video content displays.
    • In-roll: Video ad that appears in the middle of the video content.
    • Post-roll: Video ad that appears after the video content completes.
  • Skippable: Yes, No, Any
  • Skip Delay: Enter number of seconds
  • Skip Delay Override: Enter number of seconds
  • Players Size: All, Small, Medium, Large 

Mobile Targeting

Select mobile targeting attributes to include in this deal.

  • Latitude/Longitude: Yes/No
  • Smartphone Devices: Any or Select specific devices
  • Mobile OS: All, or select specific mobile operating system(s)
  • Browsers: All, or select specific browser(s)
  • Carrier: All, or select specific carrier(s)
  • Device Id Type: All, or select specific device type(s)


Select the days of the week and day segment (Start Time/End Time) this deal will appear. 

Deselecting all days of the week will result in a deal which is applicable for all days.

Contact Emails

Select DSP & Buyer Email addresses from the drop-down menus and/or enter up to 15 additional emails in the box provided.


  1. Select Yes if you would like to whitelist one or more advertisers by advertiser name, IAB Category or domain. Whitelisting will make this deal available only to buyer(s) who match the advertisers you select. If you select Yes, continue; if No, move to next section.
  2. Make the desired selections from the drop-down lists for:
    IAB Categories
    Advertiser Domain (Manually select from the drop-down or upload in bulk.)

Sales Notes

  1. (PMP-G Only) Select Yes or No to indicate whether the Last Lookup is Enabled.
  2. Select a Sales Manager from the drop-down list, if applicable.

Save the Deal

When all details of the Deal are complete, click Save & Activate.


Edit a Deal

Only one deal can be modified at a time.

  1. Select Transactions | Deals from the main navigation.
  2. Locate the deal you want to edit (use the Search box to locate if needed). 
  3. Click Actions menu button for the deal and select Edit.
  4. Make changes and click Save & Activate.