Creating Automated Guaranteed (AG) Products

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A Product defines a publisher’s ad inventory and can be a combination of one or more ad tags or sites that can be monetized as an inventory package. Products are a way to group inventory into specific packages. Multiple offers can be tied to the same package.

When creating an AG Product, two elements must be part of the product to be AG Compatible:

  • Ad Size with at least one Ad Tag
  • Inventory Name

Creating a New Product

  1. Select Inventory & Rules | Products from the main navigation.
  2. Click Create Product in the upper right of the Products and Offers Management page.

Enter Product Details

  • Product Name: Enter the Product name. Recommended convention: Site Name-Placement-Section (e.g., OurDomain-728x90-Desktop)
  • Description: Enter a description for this product that will be clear to the buyer the content and value of this product.
  • Publisher Category: Select categories that describe the site(s) included in this offer.
  • Search Tags: Enter tags that match this offer. Buyers will search by tags for inventory. Use keywords you expect buyers to use to search for inventory that matches this offer.
  • Display URL: Enter all URLs that apply to this offer. ("http://" is not required.)

Select Ad Tag Filters & Video Format


  1. Select the Platforms that apply to this Product. (Mobile Web, Web)
    Mobile Apps are not currently supported in Automated Guaranteed. 
  2. Select the Ad Format that applies to this Product. (Banner)
    Video Ad Format is not currently supported in Automated Guaranteed. 

Complete AD Unit Details

The applicable Ad Unit attributes for Automated Guaranteed are Placement/Position and Ad Size.

  1. Select all Ad Placement/Positions that you want to make available in this Product. (Above the Fold, Below the Fold, Partially Above the Fold, Unknown)
  2. Select Ad Sizes included in this Product. Be sure to select an Ad Size that matches the actual inventory.
    IMPORTANT: At least one Ad Size with at least one Ad Tag must be selected for the Product to be AG compatible. Any ad tag may be selected, as they are not used by AG to serve impressions, but are currently required by the PubMatic platform. (e.g., a test ad tag may be used for this purpose.)
  3. When selecting an ad size that has multiple types associated with it (e.g., Sidekick v. Medium Rectangle), be sure to select the correct one in the list.

Select Ad Server

Ad Units and Ad Placements are pulled from the publisher’s Ad Server (DFP). Selecting the Inventory Type will determine which Inventory is listed in the Inventory Name list.

  1. Select the type of inventory that will be part of this product: Either Ad Unit or Ad Placement.
  2. Select the specific inventory to include in this Product.
    IMPORTANT: An Inventory Name MUST be selected for a product to be AG-compatible.
  3. Click Save and Finish.