Managing Ad Units in UAS

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PubMatic enables you to view, manage, and create ad units.

Select Inventory & Rules | Ad Units to view and manage your full inventory of ad units.

Find Ad Units

  • Use Find to quickly locate an ad unit by name, code, ID or description, and click Go.
  • Filter the ad units by Ad Types, Ad Sizes and/or Status. Multiple selections within and among filters can be used to filter the table. (For example, multiple ad types and ad sizes can be selected at the same time to filter data. Click Apply or Clear All to activate or clear filters.
  • Click a column header to sort the list by specific criteria.

Manage Multiple Ad Units

To manage several ad units simultaneously:


  1. Click Manage List.
    A check box appears left of each Ad Unit Name. 
  2. Select boxes for ad units that require the same action.
  3. Select an option from the Actions drop-down menu above the column headings: 
    Options will vary based on ad unit status
  • Activate
  • Deactivate (Pause)
  • Archive (Permanently Disable)
  • Add to Group