Creating Orders in UAS

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An Order must be created to run a campaign in the Unified Ad Server. Once the Order is created, add Line Items and Creatives.

Before creating an Order, be sure you have created the applicable Advertiser, Agency, and added any Exclusions and Contacts as needed.

Accessing Orders


  1. Select Transactions | Ad Server from the main navigation.
  2. Select the Orders tab (if not already selected).
  3. Click Create Order.
  4. Complete Order Information, Ad Exclusions (if applicable), and Internal & External Contacts.

Order Information

  1. Enter a Name for this order (255 characters maximum).
    Tip: Be as descriptive as possible. Use descriptive names to help differentiate each order in a list. 
  2. Enter a Description of the order. The description should help distinguish it from other orders.
  3. Select an Advertiser from the Select list.
  4. Select an Agency from the Select list, if applicable.
  5. Select the Time Zone from the Select list that should be applied to this order.
  6. Select the Duration for this order:
  • Start: either ASAP or a Custom date.
  • End: either Ongoing or Custom date.
  1. Click Add Frequency Cap to specify how frequently the ad is served (number of impressions per Minute, Hour, Day, Week or Lifetime).
    Frequency Capping defines how often ads will display for a specific period of time for a specific user. If there is a conflict between Frequency Cap settings, the one with the highest frequency will be applied.


You must have added Exclusions prior to adding them to an order. To add an exclusion, open Admin | Exclusions and add the exclusion following these instructions.

Add an Ad Exclusion and/or Competitive Exclusion to an Order

  1. Click Select next to the exclusion you want to add.
  2. Enter an exclusion in the Search box or select an exclusion directly from the list. Add as many apply to the order.
  3. Click Done.

Contacts (Internal & External)

You must have added Internal and External Contacts prior to adding them to an order. To add an exclusion, select
Admin | Contacts and add the contacts following these instructions.

Saving the Order

To save the order as a draft, click Save and Finish.

To save the order and immediately add a line item to the order, click Save and Create Line Item.