OpenRTB 2.3 API Performance

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PubMatic’s performance requires that the total latency be within 100 milliseconds, including connection establishment and bid response. If either of these independent thresholds are exceeded (connection and bid response time) during the transaction the bid is considered a ‘timeout’.


For better performance Demand Partners should support HTTP 1.1 and enable the following features:

PubMatic reuses pre-established (persistent) connections wherever possible.  This practice saves connection establishment time to reduce latency.

Data Center

PubMatic can send API Requests from servers located in following locations.

  1. US West Coast – PubMatic - (Ping IP Address)
  2. US East Coast – PubMatic -  (Ping IP Address)
  3. Amsterdam, Europe – PubMatic - (Ping IP Address)
  4. Singapore – Amazon AWS - (Ping IP Address)
  5. Tokyo, Japan – Amazon AWS - (Ping IP Address)

Distribution of impressions based on data centers:



Impression Source

% Distribution of Impressions to Each PubMatic Data Center

Western US

US West Coast – 100%

Central US

US West Coast – 66% and US East Coast – 34%

Eastern US

US East Coast – 100%

Western EU

Amsterdam – 100%

Central EU

Amsterdam – 100%

Eastern EU

Amsterdam – 100%


Tokyo – 100%

Asia (except Japan)

Singapore – 100%

Rest of the World

Amsterdam – 50% and US West Coast – 50%