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Filters are an optional parameter that can be used when retrieving AG Offers.The filters query string parameter restricts the data returned from your request. To use the filters parameter, supply a dimension or metric on which to filter, followed by the filter expression.

For example, the following query requests impression count greater than 10000 served by campaign name starts with the string xyz or ends with abc: 

&filters=impressionCount gt 10000&filters=campaignName like xyz*, campaignName like *abc

Filter Syntax

A single filter uses the form:

name operator value

In this syntax:

  • name — the name of the dimension or metric to filter on. For example: campaignName filters on the impressionCount metric.

  • operator — defines the type of filter match to use. Operators are specific to either dimensions or metrics.

  • value — states the values to be included in or excluded from the results.In case of String * character supported to find like query and all % character will be ignored.

There should be space between name, operator and value


  1. Single filters should contain either dimensions/metric  
  2. Operators are not case sensitive. For example noteq and NOTEQ are considered same. Des

Filter Operators

OperatorDescriptionSupported Data Types
eqEqualsALL Data Types
notEqNot EqualALL Data Types
gtGreater ThanNumeric and Date
gtEqGreater Than or Equal toNumeric and Date
ltLess ThanNumeric and Date
noLikenot LikeString