Unified Ad Server (UAS) Ad Request API

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Unified Ad Server Ad Request API


HTTP Parameters


This API enables ad requests from the Unified Ad Server. Click a Sample AD Type from the list below to view its Ad Requests/Responses:

Request Parameters (GET):


Parameter NameRequiredDescription

Request Type is used to indicate what type of creative format the inventory supports.

The supported formats of creatives, and the number to be added

1 - Flash
2 - Image
4 - Native
8 - Text
16 - ThirdParty ( Not support as on date. This is reserved for future purpose )
32 - Video
64 - RichMedia
128 - HTML5
Important note: Publisher should not mixed the request Types for Native & Video in same request along with other supported creative format.

E.g. Publisher can make a call from Ad Unit with interchangable format like Flash, Image, Text, Rich Media and HTML5 in the request ( i.e. 1+2+8+16+64+128= 219 ) and pass in ad request.

For Video and Native, user has to make a separate call from Ad Unit with specific request type.


You can specify what type of response do you expect from Unfied Ad Server.

1 - VAST
2 - JSON
3 - Native



AdUnit ID

AdUnit ID of different siots are separated by pipe (|)

e.g., au=48




Optional for Rich Media

Ad Size


Fold-position of different slots are separated by pipe(|)
Multiple sizes of a slot are separated by comma (,)
width X height (728X90)


Eg: asz = 728x90,300x250|300x250



Impression ID

As an AdUnit can be used in many AdSlots on same page, every adSlot will be identified with unique impression ID.
Impression ID of different slots are separated by pipe(|) 
E.g. iid=DIV1



Page URL of web-page




Publisher may explicitly pass a PageURL, feature from SSP



A unique random number of data type double ranging between 0 to 1.
This is required to avoid URL caching from the browser. For example, mdn=0.6148488499487118



Time zone of the user or browser which is making an ad request. It is an offset [+/-]hh.mm.
Note: This parameter's value should be URI encoded.



Screen resolution, in the Width x Height format.




Position of the ad to be served, that is, the (Top x Left) position of the ad container, of different slots are separated by pipe(|)




Some debug information can be sent in response



Indicates whether the ad is served in an iFrame or not. Possible values are:
  • 0 - False
  • 1 - True



Fold-position of different slots are separated by pipe(|)

0: Unknown
1: Above the fold
2: Below the fold
3: Partially above the fold



Callback function name for JSONP
e.g. window.parent.Phoenix.callback



global custom key values, applicable for all slots


Key-value pairs are separated by ampersand (&)
Multiple values of a key are separated by comma (,)


E.g. gkv = K1=v&K2=v&K3=v1,v2,v3,v4 



slot-specific key value


Key-value pairs of different slots are separated by pipe(|)
Key-value pairs are separated by ampersand (&)
Multiple values of a key are separated by comma (,)


E.g. slt_kv = S1K1=v&S1K2=v&S1K3=v1,v2,v3|S2K1=v&S2K2=v&S2K3=v1,v2,v3


Native template identifier associated with an Ad Unit. You can pass only one template ID for given ad unit / ad slot at a time in the ad request.


You can pass template ID separated by pipe (|) in case of multi ad request  when you are making single request call either for multiple ad unit.


It has higher preference over "ntI" ( Below parameter ) if both parameters are passed in Ad Request at a same time and ad engine will ingore ntl.


Native Input JSON


You can pass the Native JSON as per IAB standard protocol in the ad request.


You can pass multiple Native JSON as an array when you are making single request call either for multiple ad unit as shown in example.


ntI={"ntI": [{"native":"NATIVE JSON FOR AD UNIT"},{"native":"NATIVE JSON FOR ANOTHER AD UNIT"}]}


Note: The parameter value has to be URL encoded while sending in ad request.


Latitude of user mobile device. Latitude varies from -90 to 90.

E.g. 41.906365


Longitude of user mobile device. Longitude varies from -180 to 180.

E.g. -75.327759


Source of Latitude/Longitude

1: GPS

2: IP derived

3: User registration data


Secure Flag


Flag to indicate, if the impression requires secure HTTPS URL creative assets and markup, where 0 = non-secure, 1 = secure. If omitted, the secure state is unknown, but non-secure HTTP support can be assumed.


Video Parameters

While making Video ad request call to UAS, You can configure some important parameter while creating an Ad Unit.


The following parameters will receive a higher preference if passed in the UAS ad request rather than if they are configured in the ad unit. It will also send to  Programmatic Channel for better monetization.


*Parameter Name: UAS Ad Server uses the Parameters prefixed with * applies to filter the guaranteed creative and does not use any other video parameters for guaranteed ad severing.


Parameter NameRequiredDescription

Video ad format (VAST version) supported as per the IAB standards in response. Possible options are:

1 - VAST 1.0 (unsupported)
2 - VAST 2.0
3 - VAST 3.0


Acceptable video streaming formats. It is a combination of the following values separated by +:
0 - All
1 - video/mp4
2 - application/x-shockwave-flash (VPAID - FLASH)
3 - video/wmv
4 - video/h264
5 - video/webm
6 - application/javascript (VPAID - JS)
7 - video/ogg
8 - video/flv


For example, 1+4
Note: Its default value is 0 (All).


Type of video. Possible values are:
0 - Any type
1 - Linear
2 - Overlay
Note: Its default value is 0.


Video ad API (VPAID) version supported as per the IAB standards in response. Possible options are:

0 - No VPAID Supported ( Specific to PubMatic ).
1 - VPAID 1.0
2 - VPAID 2.0
If you not this parameter, PubMatic will consider as No VAPID support. Will not pass to Programmatic Channel.


Width (in pixels) of the video player. For example, 480


Height (in pixels) of the video player. For example, 640


Minimum duration (in seconds) of the video clip.
For example, 10


Maximum duration (in seconds) of the video clip.

For example, 20

vposHighly Recommended

Position of the video in the content. Possible options are:
0 - Any position
1 - Pre-roll
2 - In-roll
3 - Post-roll
Note: Its default value is 0.

vskipHighly Recommended

Indicates whether the video ad can be skipped or not. Possible options are:

0 - Ads cannot be skipped
1 - Ads can be skipped
Default value: 0 


Duration (in seconds) after which the user can skip the video ad, in case the ad can be skipped. After the skip-delay (also known as skip-offset) duration, a skip button will appear allowing the user to skip the ad. Possible value is any positive integer.


Default value: 0 (indicates that the ad can be immediately skipped)


Length of the video ad for which the skip functionality will not be applicable. If the video ads can be skipped, ads shorter than this length are rendered without a skip button, that is, the skip option is available only on ads longer than this duration


Default value: 0


Note: This parameter can be used by the publisher to give some flexibility to the advertisers to play a non-skippable video ad in skippable ad inventory; (trade-off between video ad and publisher content)

vplayHighly Recommended

List of allowed playback methods. If blank, assume that all are allowed. Possible values are as follows:
1 - Auto-play sound on
2 - Auto-play sound off
3 - Click-to-play
4 - Mouse-over

For example, 1+3

vcomHighly Recommended

Indicates whether a companion ad is requested or not. Possible options are:
0 - False
1 - True
Note: Its default value is 0.




Additional Parameters (To be forwarded to SSP in Holistic Optimization)


Parameter NameRequiredDescription



IAB Category


List of IAB content categories for the overall site/application. Refer the "Table 6.1 Content Categories" in the Open RTB 2.1 / 2.2 specifications document. If the site/application falls under multiple IAB categories, you can send categories separated by comma, and the string should be URL encoded. For example, iabcat=IAB1%2CIAB-5%2CIAB1-6


Application Name


Name of the mobile application. This value should be same as that mentioned on the application (app) store.


Application ID


Mobile application's ID on the exchange. This parameter is applicable only in the case of a mobile application view. In case of iOS App, this is recommended to be correctly passed by the caller.


Application Bundle


Application bundle or package name (e.g., com.foo.mygame). This is intended to be a unique ID across multiple exchanges. In case of Android App, this is recommended to be correctly passed by the caller.


Application Category


Application primary category as displayed on storeurl page for the respective platform.


Application API


List of supported API frameworks for this impression. If an API is not explicitly listed, then it is assumed to be not supported. If an application supports multiple API frameworks, you can send the multiple framework values separated by :: and URL encoded string. For example, api=3%3A%3A4%3A%3A5

Value Description

3 MRAID 1.0


5 MRAID 2.0


Application Store URL

URL of the app store from where a user can download this application.


Application Version

Version of the application


Application Domain

Indicates the domain of the mobile application


Application Paid


Indicates whether the mobile application is a paid version or not. Possible values are:
0 - Free version

1 - Paid version

udidRequired for Mobile Apps

Device ID

A unique device identifier for the given udidtype.

udidtypeRequired for Mobile Apps

Device ID Type

Type of value provided in the udid parameter mentioned above. Possible values are:

0 - Other
1 - identifierForadvertiser (IDFA)
2 - identifierForvendor (IDFV)
3 - Android_ID (http://developer.android.com/reference/android/provider/Settings.Secure.html#ANDROID_ID)
4 - UDID
5 - OpenUDID (http://OpenUDID.org)
6 - SecureUDID (http://www.secureudid.org)
7 - MAC Address
8 - ODIN_Ü_1 (http://code.google.com/p/odinmobile/wiki/ODIN1)
9 - Android Advertising ID (https://developer.android.com/google/play-services/id.html)

udidhashRequired for Mobile Apps

Device ID Hash Type

Type of algorithm used for hashing the device identifier provided in the udid parameter mentioned above.

Possible values are:

0 - Unknown
1 - Raw
2 - SHA1
3 - MD5


Ad Refresh Rate


This parameter is used to specify the time interval (in seconds) after which the ad is refreshed. By default, this time interval is set to 0 second and therefore, the ad does not get refreshed automatically.


Note: The ad refresh time will now be received from the Unified Ad Server. Even if this method is used, the ad refresh time received from the ad server will override this value. This parameter is applicable only for mobile applications which have been integrated with the PubMatic Mobile SDK. This value should be in the range of 12 to 120 seconds. If this value is: x < 0 - The library will automatically set this value to 12 seconds. x = 0 - The ad will not get refreshed automatically. 1 <= x < 12 - The library will automatically set this value to 12 seconds. 12 >= x <= 120 - The ad will get refreshed after x seconds. x > 120 - The library will automatically set this value to 120 seconds.


Network Type


Type of network used for the data connection.

Possible values are:

wifi cellular




Name of the carrier or ISP derived from the user's IP address.


JavaScript Support


Indicates whether the user's mobile device supports JavaScript or not. Possible values are: 0 - Device does not support JavaScript 1 - Device supports JavaScript


Compliance Level


Minimum compliance level. Possible values are 0, 1 and 2.


Ad Orientation


ID of the ad orientation for the given ad request.


Device Orientation


ID of the device orientation. Possible values are: 0 - Portrait orientation 1 - Landscape orientation


Location Category


Category of the location in which the user is present. For the list of values, refer to the xAd documentation. For example, loccat=[1,2]


Location Brand


Category of the location in which the user is present. For the list of values, refer to the xAd documentation. For example, loccat=[1,2]


Tracking URL Wrapping


Indicates whether the tracking URL has been wrapped or not in the creative tag.
Possible options are:
0 - Indicates that the tracking URL is sent separately in the response JSON as tracking_url. In this case, the tracking_url field is absent in the JSON response.
1 - Indicates that the tracking_url value is wrapped in an Iframe and appended to the creative_tag.
2 - Indicates that the tracking_url value is wrapped in a JS tag and appended to the creative_tag.
If the awt parameter is absent in the bid request URL, then it is same as awt=0 mentioned above.
Its default value is 0.


Zone ID


This parameter is used to pass a zone ID for reporting.


Site Code


Indicates the property code for the domain/application as shared by publisher in the offline mode.
1. This parameter is applicable only in case of Publisher Aggregators.
2. For Publisher Aggregators, this parameter becomes mandatory, if the associated site is enabled for white-listing purpose and platform for the site is either _Ü_Mobile App Android_Üť or _Ü_Mobile App iOS_Üť.
3. If both _Ü_kadpageurl_Üť & _Ü_sitecode_Üť parameters are present, then _Ü_sitecode_Üť parameter will get preference in the associated impressions.




Provides interstitial ad type information for the request. Publisher is advised to send this information in ad-request so that this information can be passed to the demand partners.


AdTruth Payload


API-based Publishers can pass the AdTruth payload to PubMatic, if they have integrated with AdTruth. The payload can be either compressed or original (as per adtruth-4.4.0-4 release).

Based on the payload, PubMatic can identify users in a cookie-less environment.


Bid Price Floor


eCPM value which the PubMatic system uses as the bid price floor in the RTB auction.


JSON Response Type


Type of the JSON response to be expected if the operId parameter's value is set to either 102 or 201. Possible values are:

1 - Pure JSON response (Default value)

2 - JSON response padded with a callback JS function

3 - JSON repose padded with JS variable definition

Note: If rs = 2 or 3, and if rid (described below) is not passed, then rid is used as 0.


Request identifier. You can use this ID in case of operId = 102 or 201.


rs = 2
If rid is specified in this case, then rid is returned in the meta_data subjson in the response as rid. In case, rid is not specified, then the default value 0 is returned.


rs = 3
If rid is specified in this case, then rid is appended to the variable name for json response. In case, rid is not specified, then the default value 0 is used.


Expansion Direction


Comma-separated list of the expansion direction IDs.
Note: For more details, refer the Expandable Direction table in the reference section of this document.


Blocked Creative Attributes


Comma-separated list of blocked creative attributes’ IDs.
Note: For details on the values passed and the corresponding category names, refer to the Creative Attributes table in the Reference section of this document.


iframe Buster


Comma-separated list of IDs of the allowed iframe buster/rich media-supported technologies.
Note: For more details, refer the Rich Media Technologies table in the reference section of this document. If you are using a rich media technology which is not mentioned in this table, then contact your PubMatic Account Manager to get it added to this document.


Blocked Domain IDs


Comma-separated list of advertiser domains' IDs to be blocked for the given impression.


Blocked Advt IDs


Comma-separated list of advertisers' IDs to be blocked for the given impression.


Blocked Advt Domains


This parameter will have comma-separated list of advertiser domain URLs, that PubMatic ad-serving will block from responding with creative. The limit of URLs that system can support is 40 URLs.


Blocked IAB Cat IDs


Comma-separated list of advertiser IAB categories' IDs to be blocked for the given impression. For the list of supported IAB categories, refer the IAB Categories List table. The limit of IAB categories that system can support is 20 categories.


Do Not Track Flag

Indicates whether the user has opted out of the publisher or not, or whether HTTP_DNT is set or not. Possible values are:
0 - Either the user has not opted out of the publisher or HTTP_DNT is not set.
1 - Either the user has opted out of the publisher or HTTP_DNT is set; in this case, PubMatic will not target such users.
Note: The default value for this parameter is 0.


COPPA Compliance

Indicates whether the visitor is COPPA-specific or not. For COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) compliance, if the visitor's age is below 13, then such visitors should not be served targeted ads.
Possible options are:
0 - Indicates that the visitor is not COPPA-specific and can be served targeted ads.
1 - Indicates that the visitor is COPPA-specific and should be served only COPPA-compliant ads.
The United States Federal Trade Commission has written a comprehensive FAQ on complying with COPPA at https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/complying-coppa-frequently-asked-questions


Header Parameters - Details


Indicates the name of the browser.
Indicates the list of languages accepted by the browser.
Indicates the IP address of the device which originated the ad request.
Note: Please send only one IP address which is the most relevant to the user. Do not send multiple IP addresses or X-Forwarded-For header; otherwise this may result in an error/non-monetization.
Indicates the Reference URL for the ad request.
In case of server to server integration, sending PubMatic user ID as KADUSERCOOKIE header parameter is mandatory. The PubMatic user ID should be sent in the request header as a cookie key-value pair. The user cookie key name is KADUSERCOOKIE.

For example, Cookie:KADUSERCOOKIE=F6FC89B0-54AE-46E1-A5FF-10336B7A8E26;

Refer: Server side user cookie sync up



KADUSERCOOKIEFor sending PubMatic user ID
pmooPuMatic Opt Out Flag
fpcFirst Party Cookie Enabled Flag
tpcThird Party Cookie Enabled Flag
dntDon Not Track Flag
coppaCOPPA Compliance Flag


JSON Response

     "bids": [{
          "id": "DIV1",
          "ecpm": 0,
          "ct": "%3Ca%20href=%22http://phtrack.pubmatic.com/track%3Fts=1450160060\u0026r=10537090-87ab-4c17-8fb6-d3bcc89c8a8a\u0026i=f4c09386-6c74-4e10-8dfe-d34a7b1bc87c\u0026a=118418\u0026t=67\u0026au=48\u0026p=http%253A%252F%252F192.82.243.85%253A8090%252FCPCTest.html\u0026wl=65\u0026ty=3\u0026url=http%253A%252F%252FBing.com%22%20target=%22_blank%22%3E%3Cimg%20src=%22http://dummyimage.com/970x250/000/fff\u0026text=CPCTest1-House.png%22alt=%22CPC%20House%22%20title=%22CPC%20House%22%3E%3C/a%3E",
          "tr": ["http://phtrack.pubmatic.com/track?ts=1450160060\u0026r=10537090-87ab-4c17-8fb6-d3bcc89c8a8a\u0026i=f4c09386-6c74-4e10-8dfe-d34a7b1bc87c\u0026a=118418\u0026t=67\u0026au=48\u0026p=http%3A%2F%2F192.82.243.85%3A8090%2FCPCTest.html\u0026wl=65\u0026ty=1"],
          "cltr":[ "http://phtrack.pubmatic.com/track?ts=1450160060\u0026r=10537090-87ab-4c17-8fb6-d3bcc89c8a8a\u0026i=f4c09386-6c74-4e10-8dfe-d34a7b1bc87c\u0026a=118418\u0026t=67\u0026au=48\u0026p=http%3A%2F%2F192.82.243.85%3A8090%2FCPCTest.html\u0026wl=65\u0026ty=3\u0026url=http%3A%2F%2FBing.com"],
          "at": 0,
          "pd": 0,
          "h": 250,
          "w": 970,
          "in": false,
          "creativeID": 103,
          "adUnitID": 48,
          "lineItemID": 65,
          "orderID": 28


JSON FieldTypeDescription

Creative Type:

  1. Flash
  2. Image
  3. Native
  4. Text
  5. ThirdParty
  6. Video
  7. RichMedia
trArray of StringsTracking URL(s)
cltrArray of StringsClick Tracking URL(s)
atIntegerAuto Refresh Time
pdIntegerPrefetch Data
HeightIntegerHeight of the Creative
WidthIntegerWidth of the Creative
IsNative BooleanIf the response is native (useful for the AdClient.js)
CreativeIDIntegerCreative ID from the DB (for debugging)
AdUnitIDIntegerAd Unit ID (for debugging)
LineItemIDIntegerLine Item ID (for debugging)
OrderIDIntegerOrder ID (for debugging)


Sample Ad Request by Type


Ad Request:




    "bids": [{
        "id": "DIV1",
        "ecpm": 2,
        "ct": "%3Ca%20href=%22http://localhost:9000/track%3Fts=1461653459\u0026r=14452906-ca0f-43fe-b74d-a4dc4552ac44\u0026i=7f434895-6a3f-4985-b1f6-0eb38673f01c\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1766\u0026au=614\u0026p=http%253A%252F%252F192.82.243.85%252FJSTest2.html\u0026c=543\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1722\u0026ty=3\u0026url=https%253A%252F%252Fgmail.com%22%20target=%22_blank%22%3E%3Cimg%20src=%22http://dummyimage.com/970x250/000/fff.png\u0026text=JS_Test.png%22alt=%22Display%20Banner%22%20title=%22Display%20Banner%22%3E%3C/a%3E",
        "tr": ["http://localhost:9000/track?ts=1461653459\u0026r=14452906-ca0f-43fe-b74d-a4dc4552ac44\u0026i=7f434895-6a3f-4985-b1f6-0eb38673f01c\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1766\u0026au=614\u0026p=http%3A%2F%2F192.82.243.85%2FJSTest2.html\u0026c=543\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1722\u0026ty=1"],
        "cltr": ["http://localhost:9000/track?ts=1461653459\u0026r=14452906-ca0f-43fe-b74d-a4dc4552ac44\u0026i=7f434895-6a3f-4985-b1f6-0eb38673f01c\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1766\u0026au=614\u0026p=http%3A%2F%2F192.82.243.85%2FJSTest2.html\u0026c=543\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1722\u0026ty=3\u0026url=https%3A%2F%2Fgmail.com"],
        "at": 0,
        "pd": 0,
        "h": 250,
        "w": 970,
        "in": false,
        "creativeID": 543,
        "adUnitID": 614,
        "lineItemID": 1722,
        "orderID": 94,
        "crTy": 2



Ad Request:




"bids": [{
"id": "DIV1",
"ecpm": 0,
"ct": "%7B%22native%22:%7B%22ver%22:0,%22link%22:null,%22assets%22:%5B%7B%22id%22:1,%22required%22:1,%22img%22:%7B%22url%22:%22https://cdn.tutsplus.com/net/uploads/legacy/269_50imagegalleries/10.png%22,%22w%22:480,%22h%22:320%7D%7D%5D,%22imptrackers%22:null,%22jstracker%22:%22%22%7D%7D",
"tr": ["http://phtrack.pubmatic.com/track?ts=1450082638\u0026r=f085ee89-89dc-42f1-a892-af482f401f07\u0026i=6536d620-625d-4127-b9c9-159c841c4421\u0026a=118385\u0026au=53\u0026p=http%3A%2F%2F192.82.243.86%3A8090%2FMStestNative1.html\u0026wl=69\u0026ty=1"],
"at": 0,
"pd": 0,
"h": 0,
"w": 0,
"in": false,
"creativeID": 105,
"adUnitID": 53,
"lineItemID": 69,
"orderID": 11



Ad Request:




<VAST version="3.0">





<Tracking event="complete">http://testcomplete/abc</Tracking>
<Tracking event="complete">

<Tracking event="creativeView">

<Tracking event="first">

<Tracking event="first">http://testcomplete2/abc</Tracking>
<Tracking event="midPoint">

<Tracking event="start">

<Tracking event="thirdQuartile">http://testcomplete3/abc</Tracking>
<Tracking event="thirdQuartile">










Rich Media


Ad Request:



"bids": [{
"id": "DIV1",
"ecpm": 2,
"ct": "%3Ca%20href=%22http://localhost:9000/track%3Fts=1461653092\u0026r=5e36fc5b-10b5-41dc-bf2c-ccb3371fc5d9\u0026i=8cd2c3ca-fc1a-4400-b635-0a8b675b4f8d\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1766\u0026au=614\u0026p=http%253A%252F%252F192.82.243.85%252FJSTest2.html\u0026c=546\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1722\u0026ty=3\u0026url=http%253A%252F%252Fyahoo.com%22%20target=%22_blank%22%3E%3C/a%3E%3Cdiv%20class=%22celtra-ad-v3%22%3E%20%3C%21--%20user.impression%20=%20raw%20http://ads.moceanads.com/dc0/0/img/282bc610-9cb1-11e5-a788-56847afe9799%20--%3E%20%3Cimg%20src=%22data:image/png,celtra%22%20style=%22display:%20none%22%20onerror=%22%20%28function%28img%29%20%7B%20var%20params%20=%20%7B%27placementId%27:%2755504d79%27,%27MyClickthroughURL%27:%27http://www.deepak.com%27,%27clickUrl%27:%27http://ads.moceanads.com/dc0/0/redir/282bc610-9cb1-11e5-a788-56847afe9799/0/504368%3Fredir=%27,%27externalAdServer%27:%27mOcean%27,%27clickUrlNeedsDest%27:%271%27%7D;%20%5B%5D.slice.apply%28img.parentNode.childNodes%29.forEach%28function%28n%29%20%7B%20var%20decfs%20=%20%7B%20urldecode:%20decodeURIComponent,%20htmldecode:%20function%28v%29%20%7B%20var%20d%20=%20document.createElement%28%27div%27%29;%20d.innerHTML%20=%20v;%20return%20d.textContent;%20%7D,%20eval:%20eval,%20raw:%20function%28v%29%20%7B%20return%20v;%20%7D%20%7D;%20var%20m;%20if%20%28n.nodeType%20==%208%20\u0026amp;\u0026amp;%20%28m%20=%20n.textContent.match%28/%5E\u0026%2392;s+%28%5B\u0026%2392;w.%5D+%29\u0026%2392;s+=\u0026%2392;s+%28\u0026%2392;w+%29\u0026%2392;s+%28.%2A%29$/i%29%29%29%20%7B%20try%20%7B%20params%5Bm%5B1%5D%5D%20=%20decfs%5Bm%5B2%5D%5D%28m%5B3%5D.replace%28/%5E\u0026%2392;s+%7C\u0026%2392;s+$/g,%20%27%27%29%29;%20%7D%20catch%20%28e%29%20%7B%7D%20%7D%20%7D%29;%20var%20req%20=%20document.createElement%28%27script%27%29;%20req.id%20=%20params.scriptId%20=%20%27celtra-script-%27%20+%20%28window.celtraScriptIndex%20=%20%28window.celtraScriptIndex%7C%7C0%29+1%29;%20params.clientTimestamp%20=%20new%20Date/1000;%20req.src%20=%20%28window.location.protocol%20==%20%27https:%27%20%3F%20%27https%27%20:%20%27http%27%29%20+%20%27://ads.celtra.com/dac6d5ae/web.js%3F%27;%20for%20%28var%20k%20in%20params%29%20%7B%20req.src%20+=%20%27\u0026amp;%27%20+%20encodeURIComponent%28k%29%20+%20%27=%27%20+%20encodeURIComponent%28params%5Bk%5D%29;%20%7D%20img.parentNode.insertBefore%28req,%20img.nextSibling%29;%20%7D%29%28this%29;%20%22/%3E%20%3C/div%3E",
"tr": ["http://localhost:9000/track?ts=1461653092\u0026r=5e36fc5b-10b5-41dc-bf2c-ccb3371fc5d9\u0026i=8cd2c3ca-fc1a-4400-b635-0a8b675b4f8d\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1766\u0026au=614\u0026p=http%3A%2F%2F192.82.243.85%2FJSTest2.html\u0026c=546\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1722\u0026ty=1"],
"cltr": ["http://localhost:9000/track?ts=1461653092\u0026r=5e36fc5b-10b5-41dc-bf2c-ccb3371fc5d9\u0026i=8cd2c3ca-fc1a-4400-b635-0a8b675b4f8d\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1766\u0026au=614\u0026p=http%3A%2F%2F192.82.243.85%2FJSTest2.html\u0026c=546\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1722\u0026ty=3\u0026url=http%3A%2F%2Fyahoo.com"],
"at": 0,
"pd": 0,
"h": 250,
"w": 970,
"in": false,
"creativeID": 546,
"adUnitID": 614,
"lineItemID": 1722,
"orderID": 94,
"crTy": 7




Ad Request:



    "bids": [{
        "id": "DIV1",
        "ecpm": 2,
        "ct": "%3Ca%20href=%22http://localhost:9000/track%3Fts=1461652944\u0026r=afb13825-72f5-465d-98c2-110612108278\u0026i=e09c3782-ee56-45e7-96f6-d04d54f5a1b1\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1766\u0026au=614\u0026p=http%253A%252F%252F192.82.243.85%252FJSTest2.html\u0026c=544\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1722\u0026ty=3\u0026url=http%253A%252F%252Fyahoo.com%22%20target=%22_blank%22%3E%3Cspan%3EText%20Creative%20test%20with%20new%20JS%20Script%3C/span%3E%3C/a%3E",
        "tr": ["http://localhost:9000/track?ts=1461652944\u0026r=afb13825-72f5-465d-98c2-110612108278\u0026i=e09c3782-ee56-45e7-96f6-d04d54f5a1b1\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1766\u0026au=614\u0026p=http%3A%2F%2F192.82.243.85%2FJSTest2.html\u0026c=544\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1722\u0026ty=1"],
        "cltr": ["http://localhost:9000/track?ts=1461652944\u0026r=afb13825-72f5-465d-98c2-110612108278\u0026i=e09c3782-ee56-45e7-96f6-d04d54f5a1b1\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1766\u0026au=614\u0026p=http%3A%2F%2F192.82.243.85%2FJSTest2.html\u0026c=544\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1722\u0026ty=3\u0026url=http%3A%2F%2Fyahoo.com"],
        "at": 0,
        "pd": 0,
        "h": 250,
        "w": 970,
        "in": false,
        "creativeID": 544,
        "adUnitID": 614,
        "lineItemID": 1722,
        "orderID": 94,
        "crTy": 4


Multi-Ad Call

Ad Request:




    "bids": [{
        "id": "DIV1",
        "ecpm": 2,
        "ct": "%3Ca%20href=%22http://localhost:9000/track%3Fts=1461653730\u0026r=bca1bbf5-bf55-429a-b839-839e7972cabf\u0026i=515903f2-5397-4cb5-9be8-1aaa425b352e\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1768\u0026au=617\u0026p=http%253A%252F%252F192.82.243.85%252FMultiAdd.html\u0026c=550\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1724\u0026ty=3\u0026url=http%253A%252F%252Fyahoo.in%22%20target=%22_blank%22%3E%3Cimg%20src=%22http://dummyimage.com/480x80/000/fff.png\u0026text=Creative_C.png%22alt=%22Creative%203%22%20title=%22Creative%203%22%3E%3C/a%3E",
        "tr": ["http://localhost:9000/track?ts=1461653730\u0026r=bca1bbf5-bf55-429a-b839-839e7972cabf\u0026i=515903f2-5397-4cb5-9be8-1aaa425b352e\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1768\u0026au=617\u0026p=http%3A%2F%2F192.82.243.85%2FMultiAdd.html\u0026c=550\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1724\u0026ty=1"],
        "cltr": ["http://localhost:9000/track?ts=1461653730\u0026r=bca1bbf5-bf55-429a-b839-839e7972cabf\u0026i=515903f2-5397-4cb5-9be8-1aaa425b352e\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1768\u0026au=617\u0026p=http%3A%2F%2F192.82.243.85%2FMultiAdd.html\u0026c=550\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1724\u0026ty=3\u0026url=http%3A%2F%2Fyahoo.in"],
        "at": 0,
        "pd": 0,
        "h": 80,
        "w": 480,
        "in": false,
        "creativeID": 550,
        "adUnitID": 617,
        "lineItemID": 1724,
        "orderID": 94,
        "crTy": 2
    }, {
        "id": "DIV2",
        "ecpm": 2,
        "ct": "%3Ca%20href=%22http://localhost:9000/track%3Fts=1461653730\u0026r=bca1bbf5-bf55-429a-b839-839e7972cabf\u0026i=ee02505e-7ade-44d9-8fd8-de358d57656b\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1768\u0026au=618\u0026p=http%253A%252F%252F192.82.243.85%252FMultiAdd.html\u0026c=549\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1724\u0026ty=3\u0026url=http%253A%252F%252Fgoogle.com%22%20target=%22_blank%22%3E%3Cimg%20src=%22http://dummyimage.com/480x80/000/fff.png\u0026text=Creative_B.png%22alt=%22creative%202%22%20title=%22creative%202%22%3E%3C/a%3E",
        "tr": ["http://localhost:9000/track?ts=1461653730\u0026r=bca1bbf5-bf55-429a-b839-839e7972cabf\u0026i=ee02505e-7ade-44d9-8fd8-de358d57656b\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1768\u0026au=618\u0026p=http%3A%2F%2F192.82.243.85%2FMultiAdd.html\u0026c=549\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1724\u0026ty=1"],
        "cltr": ["http://localhost:9000/track?ts=1461653730\u0026r=bca1bbf5-bf55-429a-b839-839e7972cabf\u0026i=ee02505e-7ade-44d9-8fd8-de358d57656b\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1768\u0026au=618\u0026p=http%3A%2F%2F192.82.243.85%2FMultiAdd.html\u0026c=549\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1724\u0026ty=3\u0026url=http%3A%2F%2Fgoogle.com"],
        "at": 0,
        "pd": 0,
        "h": 80,
        "w": 480,
        "in": false,
        "creativeID": 549,
        "adUnitID": 618,
        "lineItemID": 1724,
        "orderID": 94,
        "crTy": 2
    }, {
        "id": "DIV3",
        "ecpm": 2,
        "ct": "%3Ca%20href=%22http://localhost:9000/track%3Fts=1461653730\u0026r=bca1bbf5-bf55-429a-b839-839e7972cabf\u0026i=eb64de52-e0e6-44e8-a1f2-06fef767577f\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1768\u0026au=619\u0026p=http%253A%252F%252F192.82.243.85%252FMultiAdd.html\u0026c=550\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1724\u0026ty=3\u0026url=http%253A%252F%252Fyahoo.in%22%20target=%22_blank%22%3E%3Cimg%20src=%22http://dummyimage.com/480x80/000/fff.png\u0026text=Creative_C.png%22alt=%22Creative%203%22%20title=%22Creative%203%22%3E%3C/a%3E",
        "tr": ["http://localhost:9000/track?ts=1461653730\u0026r=bca1bbf5-bf55-429a-b839-839e7972cabf\u0026i=eb64de52-e0e6-44e8-a1f2-06fef767577f\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1768\u0026au=619\u0026p=http%3A%2F%2F192.82.243.85%2FMultiAdd.html\u0026c=550\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1724\u0026ty=1"],
        "cltr": ["http://localhost:9000/track?ts=1461653730\u0026r=bca1bbf5-bf55-429a-b839-839e7972cabf\u0026i=eb64de52-e0e6-44e8-a1f2-06fef767577f\u0026a=118474\u0026t=1768\u0026au=619\u0026p=http%3A%2F%2F192.82.243.85%2FMultiAdd.html\u0026c=550\u0026o=94\u0026wl=1724\u0026ty=3\u0026url=http%3A%2F%2Fyahoo.in"],
        "at": 0,
        "pd": 0,
        "h": 80,
        "w": 480,
        "in": false,
        "creativeID": 550,
        "adUnitID": 619,
        "lineItemID": 1724,
        "orderID": 94,
        "crTy": 2