Creative Management Services (UAS)

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Before using PubMatic APIs, first generate the API Token. For more information, refer to Getting Started with PubMatic APIs. 

Unified Ad Server Creative Management Services APIs

Creatives are images, videos, or HTML files that represent media assets for your order and line items.  When you set up ads, select from a list of Creatives that belong to your account. 


API Details LinkDescription
File Upload APIUpload creative assets such as image and Flash files using the multi-part form.
Tracking Events APIRetrieve the supported event to track the user engagement.
Click Through URL APIRetrieve the standard list of support creative click-through URL protocol.
Creative Type APIRetrieve and search supported Creative Types by the Unified Ad Server.
Creative Asset Type APIRetrieve various types of creative assets supported by the Unified Ad Server.
Creative Rotation APIRetrieve various types of creative Rotation supported by the Unified Ad Server.
Creative APIRetrieve, search and create and update the creatives.
Macro APIRetrieve and search macros in the Unified Ad Server
Macro Category APIRetrieve Macro categories used by the Unified Ad Server


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