Media Buyer Console for Automated Guaranteed Buyers

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The PubMatic Media Buyer Console (MBC) enables DSPs/Buyers to view Automated Guaranteed (AG) offers and negotiate terms by creating line items and orders.


To access MBC:

  1. Access the URL:
  2. Log in using your PubMatic credentials.

Viewing Inventory

The Inventory Discovery Page provides a listing of available AG inventory/offers.

To access the inventory listing:

  1. Select Inventory from the main navigation menu.
  2. Click the buying channel, Automated Guaranteed to view AG inventory.

Viewing the Details of an Offer

While viewing a list of AG offers, the following information will display in the row for each:

  • Publisher logo & name
  • Offer Name
  • Category
  • Ad Platforms
  • Ad Format
  • Cost Type
  • Price
  • Minimum Spend
  • Offer Expiration


Additional details of an offer can be viewed by clicking the offer in the list to expand it. (Click it again to collapse its details.) To close all expanded offers, click Close All in the upper right of the page.


Expanded details include:

  • Sites included in the offer
  • Ad Placement
  • Ad Sizes
  • Max Daily Impressions (if available)
  • Negotiable Terms (e.g., Quantity, Cost Type, Price, Transaction Dates)
  • Enhanced Targeting (if available)

Create a Line Item and Order

An AG Order is a collection of line items that is purchased collectively by a buyer. A line item represents specific inventory that is purchase for a specific date range, quantity and price.

Create a Line Item

  1. Click Inventory in the main navigation to open the Inventory Discovery page.
  2. Click Create Line Item in the row of the desired Offer.
  3. Complete all fields (all are required).



  • Line items in an order may only be associated with a single publisher.
  • To purchase multiple slots of inventory for a publisher, create a campaign.
  1. (Optional) To create a new order instead of adding the line item to an existing order, select the Create a new order checkbox and complete the new order details.

  2. To save the line item as a draft and continue viewing inventory, click Save & Keep Shopping.
    To save and continue with a review, click Save & Review Order.

Reviewing a New Order

After the Line Item is added to a new or existing Order, the Order can be reviewed before sending it to the publisher. To access and view orders, select Marketplace | Orders from the main navigation menu.

  1. To edit Order details, including adding a link to Terms & Conditions, click Update Order Details or Edit Order Details.


  • Terms & Conditions must be entered as a full URL, including the http or https.
  • Terms & Conditions are not required in draft mode, but you cannot send an Order to a publisher without adding Terms & Conditions.


  1. To add a Creative, click the name of the line item and click Manage Creatives.
Note: A Creative is not required until the line item runs.
  1. Click Add Creative.
  2. Enter Creative Details.
  • Creative Name
  • External ID (Assists buyers in matching creatives from the Media Buyer Console with their own systems)
  • Advertiser
  1. Complete the Settings details.
  • Code Snippet: Enter the full script for the creative.
  • Destination: The full URL of the creative.
  • Target AD Unit Size: Options include IAB-standard sizes.
  1. Click Save Creative.

Submit an Order

Once the required order details are complete, the proposed order can be sent. While viewing the order details, click Send.

Submit a Request for Proposal

If you would like to propose an order for inventory that is not listed in the Offer listing (e.g., because the desired inventory/offer was not listed), submit a request for a proposal to one or more publishers.

  1. Select Inventory | Request for Proposal from the main navigation or click Send RFP at the bottom of the Inventory Discovery page.
  2. Complete details in the Request for Proposal Form and click Save & Send. An email will then be sent to the selected publisher(s).

Changing or Canceling an Order

After an order is submitted and has either been Pushed or is Running (Active status), you may request a modification or cancellation.


  • Only one change request can be in progress for an order at any given time. An Invalid Request message will appear if an attempt is made to request a change to an order that already has an in-progress change request.
  • The publisher must approve a change or cancellation request for it to be finalized on the order.

Request Order Change

Only changes to line items and creatives can be requested.

  1. Select Marketplace | Orders from the main navigation.
  2. Click an order title to view its details.
  3. Click Request Order Change. A Change Request tab will open.
  4. Make the desired modifications to the order in the Change Request tab.
  5. Click Send.

The status of the current order will not change; however, the request will create a Buyer Draft version, which is linked to the current order. The request can be viewed on the Orders page by clicking the arrow to the left of the current order to expand it.

  1. If the publisher approves the request, the changes will be accepted into the current order and will move to Publisher Approved status in the Media Buyer Console. If the publisher rejects the request, it will receive a Publisher Rejected status and will move to the Inactive Orders tab.

Request Order Cancellation

  1. While viewing order details, click Request Order Cancellation.
  2. When the Order Cancellation Request form appears, enter the reason for the request in the field provided (500 characters maximum).
  3. Click Send Request. The status of the current order will not change; however, the request will create a Buyer Draft version, which is linked to the current order. The request can be viewed on the Orders page by clicking the arrow to the left of the current order to expand it.

  4. If the publisher approves the cancellation request, the order will move to Canceled status and will move to the Inactive Orders tab.