Community Etiquette & Behavior Guidelines

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Please refer to PubMatic Community Terms and Conditions for full policy guidelines.

We value the contributions of every member of the PubMatic Community and want all to have a fulfilling experience. To maintain this as a place all can learn and grow from, everyone who participates in the PubMatic Community is expected to adhere to the PubMatic Community Terms and Conditions and the Etiquette & Behavior guidelines below.


Community Guidelines for Etiquette & Behavior

  • Remember the Golden Rule: "treat others as you want them to treat you."

  • Be polite and civil to other members. 

  • Keep in mind that text doesn't always come across the same way it would if spoken. Be careful of how your words may be perceived by others.
  • If there is a conflict in ideas, work toward agreement and argue facts, not personalities.

  • Don't insult or harass other members. Treat others with dignity - we're all people behind the usernames.

  • Don't post spam or harmful links. 

  • Don't post obscene, defamatory or offensive content. 
  • Don't share your account login credentials.


To report an abusive or inappropriate post or comment to the Community Administrator, select Actions | Report abuse.