Traffic Management for DSPs (Inventory Exclusion)

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The Traffic Management for DSPs is available to DSPs in the Media Buyer Console (MBC). To enable this feature in your account, please contact your account manager. 

Refer to Traffic Management for DSPs (Inventory Exclusion) FAQ to learn more.


DSPs run multiple campaigns for different types of inventory and may want to exclude certain sites or apps from their available inventory (e.g., if QPS is too high, it contains fraudulent inventory, it's not a good fit, etc.) DSPs can use PubMatic's Traffic Management for DSPs to modify their campaigns to exclude publishers they do not want traffic from to make campaign management easier and more efficient. 


Accessing Traffic Management for DSPs (Inventory Exclusion)

  1. Log in to the Media Buyer Console (MBC).
  2. Select Campaigns in the navigation bar.
  3. Click Modify next to the campaign in which you want to exclude inventory. 


Excluding 'New' Inventory

When you exclude inventory, it will only apply to sites/apps that exist in the PubMatic system at the time of exclusion. Use the New  toggle option to filter the view to only include sites that are new since the last time exclusions were saved for this campaign.


Search & Filter

Use the search box and filter options at the top of the list to locate sites/apps to be excluded. The list will filter immediately. The inventory list can be filtered by Publisher, Platform and IAB Categories. Each filter works in combination with the others. Any site in the filtered results will match all search and filter selections (e.g., The results will match a search term AND the publisher, platform and IAB category filters selected). 


  1. Enter a Site/App Identifier in the search box or select the drop-down menu for a filter and select one or more items on the left. Click Done to save the selection.
  2. Click Clear All above the table to clear the filtered results.


Selecting Visible Sites & Selecting All

When the sites to be excluded are in the list (e.g., through a search and/or filters), there are multiple options for selecting the sites/apps. 

  • To select an individual site/app select the checkbox to its left. (Continue with instructions in Excluding Sites/Apps section below.)
  • To select all the sites/apps visible in the table, select Visible. (Continue with instructions in Excluding Sites/Apps section below.)
  • To select all sites/apps that match the filter(s) and/or search criteria, select Select All(Continue with instructions in Excluding Sites/Apps section below.)

    Note: The Select All checkbox will be disabled until a search has been performed or at least one filter is selected. (See screenshots below.) This prevents the accidental exclusion of all sites/apps.

Select All not enabled when no search term or filter have been used.


Select All is enabled when at least one filter or a search term has been used.

Excluding Sites/Apps

As soon as a selection is made (i.e., an individual site/app, the Visible checkbox or Select All checkbox), the system will prompt for the selection of a reason to exclude.

  1. Select a reason from the drop-down list and click Add Reason

    Note: The selected reason will not appear in the Exclusion Reason column until the list is saved.
  2. Continue to make additional exclusions or click  Save.
    Note: Multiple functions and exclusions can be performed in a session without clicking Save after each one. For example, you can exclude a visible set of sites/apps and then search for and exclude a different set of sites/apps, and all exclusions will be saved after you click Save.

Download Exclusions

To download a list of all currently excluded sites/apps, click Download. The CSV file includes:

  • Site/App Identifier
  • Site ID
  • Publisher
  • Pub ID
  • IAB Category
  • Platform
  • Publisher Type
  • Exclusion Reason