PMP-Guaranteed Roles & Responsibilities

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Deal Considerations

In a Private Marketplace - Guaranteed (PMP-G) deals, both publishers and buyers must agree on deal terms with the following recommended considerations:

  • What is the budget?
  • How many total impressions will be sent to the buyer?
  • What is the agreed-upon discrepancy threshold?
    • Example: This could be ~10% greater than the number of impressions that will be purchased to allow the DSP to decision and pass on bidding on some of those impressions, allowing for a small discrepancy.
  • What are the accepted and expected ad sizes and format?

Publisher Responsibilities

  • Set up priority in the ad server.
    • Set the line item at an appropriate priority level for PMP-Guaranteed (PubMatic suggests P1-P4).
  • Set up targeting in the ad server (based on the agreed-upon metrics with the buyer).
    • CPM, Pacing, Daily Impression Cap, Flight Dates, etc.
  • Set up the PMP-Guaranteed Deal ID within the PubMatic UI. 
    • Associate the correct ad tag to the correct products to the correct Deal ID.
    • Enter the correct CPM.
    • Do not set any marketplace rules associated with this deal.
    • Do not apply blocklists to the DSP, agency or advertiser.
    • Do not set up any targeting. (All targeting should be set up within the ad server, not within PubMatic's platform.)
    • Only include the correct and single DSP, agency and advertiser.

Buyer Responsibilities

  • Set up the PMP-Guaranteed Deal ID in the DSP console.
    • If possible, configure the console to always bid and respond to every impression that comes from this particular deal.
    • Enter the correct days and times that were agreed upon.
    • Do not apply any targeting to criteria that would cause the personal system to not bid on an impression sent from the agreed upon deal ID.
    • Bid and respond with a response that is equal to the agreed upon price.
    • Respond with only approved creatives (advertiser approved).
      • Send only creative ad formats and sizes that have been already been agreed upon.
    • As a best practice, PubMatic suggests for the buyer to:
      • Set up daily report showing bid requests, responses, impressions, CPM and revenue to share with your PubMatic Account Manager