PubMatic Prebid.js Adapter Parameters

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Bidder Code


"Send All Bids" Ad Server Keys

hb_pb_pubmatic hb_adid_pubmatic hb_size_pubmatic

"Default Deal ID" Ad Server Key


Prebid Server Note:

Before configuring the PubMatic adapter as S2S, you must reach out to the PubMatic team for approval and setup steps.

Prebid 1.0 Upgrade Note:

If you are upgrading from a Prebid version prior to 1.0, please reach out to your PubMatic Customer Success Manager prior to your upgrade. Publisher accounts need new settings to function correctly with the PubMatic Prebid 1.0 adapter and your Customer Success Manager will ensure your account is setup correctly.

bid params

NameScopeSupported Client-SideSupported S2SDescriptionExample
publisherIdrequiredPublisher ID“32572”
adSlotrequiredAd Unit ID“38519891@300x250”
pmzoneidoptionalZone ID“zone1,zone2”
yoboptionalYear of Birth“1982”
kadpageurloptionalOverrides Page URL”
kadflooroptionalBid Floor“1.75”
dctroptionalUp to Prebid v0.34Deal Custom Targeting"company=pubmatic|place=pune,banglore"


PubMatic recommends the UserSync configuration below. Without it, the PubMatic adapter will not be able to perform user syncs, which will lower match rate and reduce monetization.

pbjs.setConfig({   userSync: {    iframeEnabled: true,    enabledBidders: ['pubmatic'],    syncDelay: 6000 }});

Note: Combine the above configuration with any other UserSync configuration. Multiple setConfig() calls overwrite each other and only the last call for a given attribute will take effect.