OpenRTB Integration Process Guide

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This guide provides a high-level overview of PubMatic's OpenRTB integration process with publishers.


Step One: Technical Call 

  1. PubMatic Account Executive (AE)/Customer Success Manager (CS) sends the PubMatic questionnaire and supporting integration documents to the client in preparation for the technical call.
  2. Client completes the questionnaire and reviews the documentation for the API specification and cookie sync implementation alignments. If the client has relevant documentation, they will send it to the AE/CS for review prior to the technical call.
  3. The call is scheduled after the PubMatic team reviews the completed questionnaire.
  4. The call takes place with the client's technical contact(s) and PubMatic Solutions Engineers (SE) to discuss the technical alignment and answer any outstanding questions about the API documentation.
  5. PubMatic and the client agree to a timeline to complete the integration

Step Two: Integration

  1. PubMatic completes the ORTB settings for the account. (Account is in test mode)
  2. PubMatic provides following to the client:
    • Publisher Account ID
    • ORTB end-point
    • Cookie sync end-point
    • Sample request/response
  3. Client implements the cookie sync URL and provides a test page for PubMatic to verification. Once verified, the client continues to perform the sync on their traffic so that the cookie pool starts building up and we have some match rates before going live.
  4. Client implements the ORTB end-point and verifies the response coming from the test environment.
  5. Client shares a test page where PubMatic can render the creative/tracker calls.
  6. Client and PubMatic complete the testing.
  7. PubMatic moves the account out of the test mode into the Soft Launch State. Client shares the request/response logs from their end.
  8. Client opens up the traffic with 100QPS.
  9. PubMatic performs request/response validation in production environment. Follows up with internal teams or the client in case of any issues.
  10. Client shares the timeout rate for PubMatic at their end and the traceroute/ping results for the ORTB end-point. If latency is observed, PubMatic and client work towards reducing the timeouts.
  11. Client shares the impression and revenue numbers after few days for comparison and discrepancy checks.
  12. PubMatic checks the cookie match rate and ensures that cookie sync-up is working properly in production.
  13. PubMatic and client agree on a ramp up plan.
  14. Account is moved to the Live State.
  15. PubMatic account team schedules a platform demo with the client.
  16. PubMatic account team works with the client on ramp-up and further optimizations.


Supporting Integration Documentation

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