Audience Management

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PubMatic Audience Management tools provides publishers granular control on their data, with three primary capabilities:

  1. Data Sharing and Pricing :
    • Set data access control at admin and audience segment levels.
    • Share data with specific publishers or buyers, and revoke sharing as needed.
    • Set data price per segment and change as needed.
  2. Data Targeting:
    • Target 1st Party Data on ONLY owned inventory via PMP Deals.
    • Widen reach by creating Targeted PMPs to target your data on any Publisher's inventory you choose. 
    • Provide data access to specific or all buyers, for a data fee, that allows buyers to target publisher data on any publisher inventory available on PubMatic.
  3. Real-time Reporting:
    • Learn who is targeting your data and where, and the total revenue it generated.
    • Monitor data performance on PMP deals.


Gettting Started

In the first release of Audience Management, you must first import audience segment in PubMatic from your DMP. Contact your PubMatic account manager for more information.


Viewing Audience Segments

After your audience segment IDs are imported into the system, the default view shows all segments.



You can filter the list using the filter bar across the top of the screen. The options there let you filter the list by:


  • Source Segment ID or a Segment name.
  • Sources.
  • Share Permissions.
  • Status.


You can also combine options to create complex filtering; for example, Find any segment name that contains "MVP," any Source named "PubMatic," and any Share Permission that is "All Buyers/DSPs only." The following sections explain each option in detail.



Enter either a numeric Source Segment ID, or full or partial text of a Segment Name to narrow the list to everty segments that matches your entry. For example, enter "MVP" to filter the list to any segment whose name contains "MVP."




Select the drop-down to open the source picker:



You can select sources in several ways:


  • Choose the Select All button to move all the sources shown in the left hand list into the right hand selected list.
  • Browse the list by scrolling, then select individual sources to move them into the right-hand selected list.
  • Use the Search field to filter the list by a full or partial source name, then use Select All to add the found sources to the right-hand list, or scroll through the found sources selecting each one that you want to add to right-hand selected list.


When you have a list of selected sources on the right, you can choose:


  • Clear All if you want to clear the right-hand list and start over.
  • Cancel to stop the process, lose all your selections, and close the picker.
  • Done to filter the list by the sources you added to the right-hand selections.


Share Permission

Select the drop-down menu to filter the list to those segments whose share permissions are:


  • No Access: segments that allow no access to anyone.
  • All Publishers Only: segments that allow access only to publishers.
  • All Buyers/DSPs Only: segments that allow access only to buyers and DSPs.
  • Allow All: segments that allow access to everyone.


Bulk Manage the Segments List

Selecting the Manage List button opens a left-hand column of checkboxes you can use to select and modify multiple segments in the list.



Checking segments activates the Actions drop-down next to the Manage List button. The Actions drop-down provides three options the modify your selected segments:


  1. Activate: activates a deactivated segment so it can be used by publishers, buyers, and/or DSPs again (depending upon its assigned permissions).
  2. Deactivate: takes a segment out-of-play so it cannot be used by publsihers, buyers, or DSPs.
  3. Add to Shared: opens the Share With Audience dialog box if the permissions for the selected segments are compatible. If the permissions for your selections are incompatible for bulk processing, Add to Shared will be disabled. See Share With Audience below.

You can also Activate/Deactivate individual line items using the popup menu in the list's right-hand Action column.

Share With Audience

This dialog box lets you set segment sharing permissions. Open the dialog either with the Add to Shared option from the Actions menu, or by selecting a set of enabled permissions in the Share With column of an individual list line item. By default, the Share Audience With dialog opens with permissions set to share with audience data with all publishers, all buyers, and all DSPs.



Adjusting Sharing Permissions

Choose Select for a permission level, Publishers for example, then choose the Select drop-down to open the picker.



Use the Select All button to add all publishers in left-hand list to the right-hand selected list. You can also scroll through the list adding selected published to the right-hand list, and you can also filter the list by entering a publisher's name, or a portion of a name.


Use the Clear All button to clear the right-hand list and start over, or the Cancel button to abandon your changes.


Use the Done button to confirm your selections and close the the picker.


The picker behaves the same for all permissions, publishers, buyers, and DSPs.