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Note: This document supports a set of APIs for older integrations.

PubMatic allows Demand Partners to filter impressions  before sending the API request  for better targeting.

Currently supported filters are:

  1. Geography:  Country targeting, and in the U.S. PubMatic can filter by state, city and DMA.
  2. Vertical:  PubMatic supports 21 vertical categories for the site. For more information, refer to the Vertical ID List table in the Reference section of this document.
  3. Tag Type:  PubMatic can exclude Iframe or JavaScript tags.
  4. Site URL Checked:  PubMatic can make sure ad impressions are coming from the site configured.
  5. Frequency Capping:  PubMatic can place a per user frequency cap on the RTB API calls that Demand Partner receives to maximize the number of unique the Demand Partner can address.
  6. Day-parting:  PubMatic can deliver calls only for certain parts of the day, measured according to the visitor’s system time zone.
  7. Retargeting:  PubMatic can retarget based on the PubMatic pixels used. The pixel could be a normal pixel or the one supporting the piggyback cookie update.
  8. Filter request based on throttle percent.
  9. Filter request, if publisher Lat/Long is not present.
  10. Filter request, if MaxMind Lat/Long is not present.
  11. Filter request, if device Id is not present.
  12. Filter request, if ad fold position is not what DSP has opted.
  13. PubMatic supports mobile impression filtering parameters.

Note: This field is visible only if Mobile Targeting is enabled and platform is selected as Mobile App.
  • Device ID - Filters impressions based on Device ID, Device ID type (IDFA, IDFV, Android ID and Android Advertiser ID) parameters and Device Hash type (SHA1,MD5 and RAW) parameters.
  • Location (Latitude/Longitude) - Filters impressions based on visitor's geographical location (Any Location Source, GPS Based and IP Based) parameters.
  • App Info - Filters impressions based on mobile application (App Store URL, App Name, App ID  and Bundle) parameters.

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