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Before you Begin: Be sure the required Sites and Ad Tags have been added prior to creating a Product.

Creating a


new product

  1. Select Transactions > Products from the main navigation.
  2. In the Product Management page, click Create Product in the upper right corner.

Enter Product Information

Product Name:

  • Use the recommended convention - Site Name-Placement-Section (e.g., OurDomain-728x90-Desktop)


  • Select categories that describe the site(s) included in this product.

Select Ad Tag Filters

  1. Select the Platform(s) that apply to this product.
  2. Select the Ad Format(s) that applies to this product (see above screenshot). Note that when Video is selected, the Creating Products4948053 will appear.

Video Ad Format Attributes

This section is visible only when video ad format is selected.


  • Companion Ads: Select whether or not companion ads are supported. If supported, enter a companion ad size.
  • VAST: Select the VAST Protocol (VAST 2.0 or VAST 3.0your video player supports, or select Any to accept either.
  • Ad Duration: Enter the minimum and maximum duration for the video ads. (Minimum must be > 0 seconds and Maximum must be < 500 seconds).
  • Creative Type: Select each creative type you support.  Flash types (mp4, flv, wmv, swf and H.264) are NOT supported.
    • HTML 5 types: mp4, ogg, webm and javascript

Image ModifiedComplete Ad Unit details

  1. Select all Ad Placement/Positions from the drop-down menu that you want to make available in this product.

  2. Click Select if you want to choose specific Ad Sizes to include in this product.

    When selecting ad sizes that have more than one option of the same ad size (e.g., Sidekick v. Medium Rectangle), be sure to select the correct one in the list.

  3. Click Select if you want to choose specific Sites for this product. 

  4. Click Select if you want to choose specific Ad Tags. The ad tags in the list reflect ad unit details selected.

  5. Click Select if you want to choose site-specific Sections
  6. Select Save and Finish.

Edit a product

To edit a product, click the product name in the list on the Product Management page, make edits, and click Save.