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Edit either an individual site/app or ad tag, or select more than one to take bulk action. (Editing Ad Network Mapping can only be done for individual sites/apps.) Use the ellipsis ellipsisImage Modified in in the appropriate row to edit individually or the ellipsis in the header row for bulk actions.


  1. Select Inventory > Sites & Tags from the main navigation.
  2. Select the ellipsis button buttonImage Modified next next to the ad tag you want to map to a placement.
  3. Select Edit Ad Network Mapping.
  4. Select the Select Ad Networks button.
  5. Select the desired Ad Network. Then select the Placement it is associated with and choose  Save.

    (The placement should be added to the list of mapped placements.)

  6. Select  SaveThe Ad Network Placement is now successfully mapped to the Ad Tag.


titleApps with MoPub ad server

Passback selection is not required for pure tag-based publishers for a combination of apps and the MoPub Mobile ad server because MoPub passbacks are automatically linked internally.

There are two ways to add passbacks:

1) While creating a new ad tag:


To apply or revoke an allowlist for a site, click the vertical ellipsis ellipsis to to the left of the site you want to affect and select Apply allowlist or Revoke allowlist. The allowlist status will display in the Allowlist column.