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Create a new deal

To create a deal, you'll need to navigate to the Create Deal page: Transactions > Deals > Create Deal.
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To learn more, see PMP-Guaranteed Roles & Responsibilities.

The Create Deal page consists of four sections. Click to view information and instruction belowsteps to follow for each section:

This tab provides guidance for completing

Follow these steps to complete the Basic Information section

of the Create Deal page


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  1. Enter a Deal Name. This can be anything, but we recommend using a format that's consistent and meaningful. For example: ATD/Buyer - DSP-Publisher Placement MMDDYY.
  2. Enter a Deal ID that follows this convention: Buyer - Publisher - Month/Day - NumericValue OR
    select Generate Deal ID to automatically generate a Deal ID.

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titleBasic information
Deal ID has a limit of 64 characters.

  • Select a Channel Type: PMP, PMP Preferred, or PMP Guaranteed (PMP-G). For more information, see Private Marketplace. 
  • Select a priority for the deal. Priorities help you achieve the desired delivery, fill and, eCPM for each deal. Each channel has a specific priority range:
          • PMP-G: P5 - P7 (Default is P5)
          • PMP Preferred: P8-10 (default is P10)
          • PMP: P11-15 (Default is P15)

    1 is the highest priority and 16 is the lowest priority. Bids from demand sources will consider the priority in the bidding process. If there are two bids with the same bid amount and different priorities, the bid with the higher priority will be considered in the auction.

    For more information, see Setting Priorities with the Simplified Model (P16)

  • Select the Demand Side Platform and Buyers from the dropdown.


    PMP-G and PMP Preferred can have only one buyer and one DSP.

    Buyers are filtered based on DSP Selection. We display Buyer - DSP - SeatId for each DSP Buyer pair. SeatId is an association Id between DSP and Buyer. 

    titleDigital & Video 360

    PubMatic has an API integration with Digital & Video 360, so deal information is automatically pushed into Digital & Video 360 when it's saved. In Digital & Video 360, a deal ID can be used by only one buyer seat, or a group of associated buyer seats under an agency. Please specify buyer seats when choosing Digital & Video 360 as a DSP. If the desired buyer seat is not available, reach out to your PubMatic account manager for assistance.

    When there are changes to a deal with DV360 as DSP, we now make API calls to DV360 only when deal fields required by Google are updated, this includes deal name, deal ID, impression target (for PG only), spend (for PG only), rate type, rate, floor price, start date, end date, ad size, and max video duration.

    Learn more about DV360

  • Select the Timezone that applies to this deal.
  • Enter the Start and End dates for this deal. For deals without an end date, select Ongoing


    PMP-G deals set to Custom have an end date, they cannot be set to Ongoing.

  • Select the Auction Type:
       • First Price: Each bidder provides a bid. The highest bidder gets the first slot, the second-highest the second slot, etc. Bidders pay the price they bid themselves. (PMP ONLY)
       • Second Price: The highest bidder wins the auction, but pays the second-highest bidder’s bid price plus fee. (PMP ONLY)
       • Fixed Price: Price paid in the PMP deal is not an auction, but is agreed to by both seller and buyer.

  • Enter the desired CPM for this deal.
  • Enter a Minimum Amount and Available Impressions. (PMP-G ONLY)
  • Skip this step if you are not a publisher using a server-to-server integration. No is selected by default. Select Yes if the Deal ID should be sent to the publisher in PubMatic's response. If enabled, the Deal ID must be passed to PubMatic by the publisher in the ad request, and then PubMatic will include this Deal ID in its response to the publisher. 
  • Select the Deal Source (Publisher or PubMatic).
  • Select Yes or No for whether this deal is a Consortium deal. If Yes, select the PMPG Category and enter Revenue Share.

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