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  1. Audience Source creation
  2. Segment registration
  3. Data transfer


Audience Source creation

Registering audience segments requires an Audience Source/data partner ID (DPID); see, Create and Edit an Audience Source.



Segment registration

titleRegister segments ONLY ONCE before data transfer
Register only the new segments you send.


You can bulk-register segments by uploading a correctly formatted CSV file. Download the CSV template from PubMatic:


Data transfer

Transfer audience data to PubMatic using one of the following methods:


PubMatic automatically removes user IDs older than 30 days. The best practice is to refresh data at least every 25 days.


  • 89 is the data partner's PubMatic-assigned ID (DPID).
  • The user belongs to three audience segments with IDs 123_B, 98901, and 4532.
  • uidtype=0 means the user ID represents a cookie ID.


    If your user IDs represent PubMatic cookie IDs, you must first use UID sync .

Code Block,98901,4532&country=US&uidtype=0


  • 89 is the data partner's PubMatic-assigned ID.

  • B8CB98E6-0FF0-4C2B-A161-4F89155C28F is the PubMatic user ID (from UID sync).

  • the last known IP of the user:

  • the user's country: US.

  • the user's DMP audience segment IDs: 123_B, 98901, and 4532.

  • uidtype=0 specifies that the user ID should be handled as a cookie ID (use UID sync when passing uidtype=0).

Code Block,98901,4532&uidtype=0


For more information on all available parameters, see Data transfer parameters.

Bulk audience data transfer using SFTP


The [SEGID] parameter refers to the Source Seg ID that was assigned to the segment during segment registration. You can submit multiple, comma-separated, source segment ID's.

For more information on the other parameters, see Data transfer parameters.

titleYou must provide either

[IP] (last known IP address) or [COUNTRY] (two-letter country code). If [IP] is unknown, add two TABs between [SEGID] and [COUNTRY] with no additional blank/space characters. If neither [IP] nor [COUNTRY] are added to the entry, PubMatic will set the [COUNTRY] to US by default.


Use one of the following methods to remove a user from all of their audiences (DMPs and publishers can use either method):

  1. When sharing data via a Server-to-Server (S2S) call or browser redirect mechanism, exclude the segid parameter from the S2S call to PubMatic. See Data transfer parameter reference.


    Code Block[Identity_Partner_ID]


    To send a list of segments to remove using the remseg parameter: 

    Code Block,3242&uidtype=[Identity_Partner_ID]

  2. When sharing data via a bulk file, do not pass any segment ID in the file for the user record. Audiences in the latest record are stored for the user ID, overwriting the user's previous audiences.