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The JSON endpoint will cache all individual creatives of adpod and returns the targeting keys of that creatives.

Response object

adpodArray of adpod objectsContains targeting key/values for each impression and its respective slots.
extObjectHolds debug information.

AdPod object

idStringContains Impression ID.
targetingArray of targeting objectContains targeting objects for all ad slots of the adpod.
extObjectHolds ad pod-specific extension parameter.

Targeting object

It is a map of the key-value objects which signifies targeting keys of the bid object. Below are some standard targeting keys.


ParameterType Supports ad pod requests?
bidobject array

Array of 1 or more Bid objects (Section 4.2.3) each related to an impression. Multiple bids can relate to the same impression.

ID of the buyer seat on whose behalf the bid was made.

For example, an advertiser, agency, or in the case of a BidRequest with AdPods, the seat value is pubmatic_ow.


0 = impressions can be won individually

1 = impressions must be won or lost as a group

extobjectNAPlaceholder for bidder-specific extensions to OpenRTB.


Bid object

The table below lists the parameters for the Bid objects, which represent a winning bid for an Impression. The BidResponse object can encapsulate many Bids within a SeatBid object's bid property.