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This feature is applicable only if it has been enabled for your account. If enabled, Allowlist will appear as an option under the Ad Qualitythe Inventory menu of the PubMatic Publisher UI. If this feature is disabled for your account and you would like to enable it, please contact your PubMatic Account Manager.


  • Allowlist a domain URL (including subdomains) for an advertiser or advertiser category for all sites or a specific site.
  • View available domain URLs for allowlisting and enable/disable the allowlist as needed. 

    If you disable an allowlist for a site, it will be blocklisted, meaning that it will be removed from the allowlist.

  • View, schedule, download, and email allowlisted advertiser categories, advertisers, and domain URLs for all sites or specific sites.

    If you disable an allowlisted advertiser for a site, any earlier configured blocklist will be applicable for your inventory.

  • Search for allowlisted advertisers, advertiser categories, and domain URLs. 


When reviewing the allowlisted items for a particular site, ensure that you have the correct site selected and that All Sites is not selected.