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For more information, take a look at IAB's VAST Standards

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OpenWrapOpenWrap provides a transparent enterprise wrapper solution for Prebid to publishers who want to increase monetization with access to the broadest set of exchanges and unique demand. 
VAST tagVAST stands for Video Ad Serving Template. A VAST tag is a third-party video ad tag generated by an ad server, which then enables video players to sync with ad servers.
Client-sideThe user's web browser (the client) sends ad requests directly to partners. Client-side request processing has the highest user match rate but can slow web page loading.
PartnerSSP/exchange whose header tag is included in the wrapper.
ProfileDefines inventory for the wrapper. Includes configuration settings for the OpenWrap.
Server-sideAd requests go first to an OpenWrap server, which then sends them to partners. Server-side request processing can speed video ad loading but can reduce user-match rate compared to client-side processing.
Profile versionRefers to the settings included in the profile. One profile can include multiple versions, but only one can be the live version in production.

VAST bidder setup in OpenWrap