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Create a new deal in the PubMatic system

Create a Deal (for Publishers)



Retrieve the details of a specific deal

Retrieve Details of a Deal (for Publishers) 



Retrieve the list of deals

Retrieve a List of Deals (for Publishers)



Update the details of a specific deal

Update a Deal (for Publishers)

Create a Deal

You can create a deal between a Publisher and a DSP or Buyer. To create a deal, you need to send a HTTP POST call to the URL mentioned below. You need to pass the arguments in the request's body. This topic also lists required and optional parameters. A successfully created deal returns the newly created deal.



titleImportant Notes:
  • See the status parameter for the various states of a deal.
  • A buyer creating a deal whose status is INREVIEWDRAFT requires no mention of the DSP. But when the deal status is INREVIEWACTIVE, then dsps is a mandatory field.
  • Currently the system sends e-mails for only the following two events:
    • Deal creation.
    • Deal acceptance.
  • The PubMatic PMP Deal API now supports IAB advertiser categories. Here are some important points to keep in mind: 
    • Publishers must be enabled to use IAB categories. For IAB enabled publishers, send only IAB category ids in the request JSON (see the advertiserCategories attribute in sample request JSON below). For all other publishers, send only PubMatic advertiser categories in your requests. The same rules apply to the categories returned in the response JSON.
    • The PubMatic Media Console is standardizing on IAB, so the best practice is to use only IAB category ids in all deal requests.
    • Identifying IAB and PubMatic categories in responses: 
      - URI for IAB categories show:
      - URI for PubMatic categories show:
      - iabDetails object is always null with PubMatic categories.