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Response Body Parameter



cityStringName of a city; for example, "city": "Barcelona".
countryStringName of a country; for example, "country": "Spain".
StringUnique country code for geo; for example, "countryCode": "ES".
dmaCodeIntegerA Nielsen Designated Market Area code derived from your original request parameters; for exampley, "dmaCode": 0. Note that dmaCode is not returned in all cases.
geoLevelStringThe geoLevel you specified in the request; either, COUNTRY or CITY.

Integer code for the geoLevel scope you defined in the request (country or city). May be one of the following:

  • 1 = Country
  • 3 = City
idIntegerUnique identifier for a geo; for example, "id": 275439.
nameStringThe name of the geo. The result depends upon the request scope determined by the filters you apply. For example, if you filter for results pertaining only to "Barcelona," then name returned is, "name": "Barcelona". But if your filter includes all of Spain, then the name returned is, "name": "Spain". See example JSON response below.


StringThe name of the region as determined by the value you supplied in the request; for example, if geoLevel scope is CITY, countryCode is ES, and city was Barcelona, then region will be, "region": "Barcelona". See example JSON response below.
regionCodeStringAn abbreviated code representing the scope of the region determined by your request parameters; for example, you may see "regionCode": "CA", when your request targets the US state of California. But if your request targets a much narrower scope, such as a CITY, then in the case of Barcelona, the response may contain, "regionCode": "B".



The PubMatic internal URI that generated the response; for example, http://api-mgmt.sfo.pubmatic.local/v1/common/geo/275439. Note that this may not match the URI of your original API call.

metaDataObjectPagination details; see example JSON response below.