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Accessing Traffic Management in MBC 

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  1. Log in to the Media Buyer Console (MBC).
  2. Select Select Campaigns  in >Campaigns from the navigation bar.Click Modify next to

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  3. Click the ellipsis to the left of the campaign in which you want to include or exclude inventory. edit and select Edit Sites.
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Including/Excluding 'New' Inventory


  1. Enter a Site/App Identifier in the search box or select the drop-down menu for a filter and select one or more items from the menu. Click Done to save the selection.
  2. Click Clear All above the table to clear the filtered results.

Selecting Visible Sites & Selecting All


  • Ad Tag Name
  • Ad ID
  • Ad Size
  • Publisher
  • PubID
  • Site/App Domain
  • Site ID
  • PlatfofrmPlatform
  • Ad Format

The Exclusions CSV file includes: