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This guide provides a high-level overview of PubMatic's OpenRTB integration process with publishers. An OpenRTB integration may take up to 8 weeks to complete and includes the following 3 main phases of activity. Refer to the table below for more information about details, ownership and specific time requirements.

  1. Information Gathering, Solution Design & Account Setup gathering, solution design and account setup  (Up to 2 Weeks)
  2. Implementation, Testing, & Soft Launch (Up to 4 Weeks)   
  3. Ramp Up (Up to 2 Weeks)

Integration Stages

Each integration activity is dependent on the completion of prior activities. If an activity is not completed in the time required, it will delay subsequent activities and the overall time it takes to complete the integration. Please note which activities are noted as the  publisher's responsibility and what the expected time requirements are associated with each. If you have questions or concerns about completing activities, please reach out to PubMatic.



OwnerTime RequiredDetails
Information GatheringPubMatic & Publisher2 Days

PubMatic Account Executive (AE)/Customer Success Manager (CS) sends the PubMatic questionnaire to the Publisher with the supporting integration documents to documents to the client in preparation for the technical call (if required).

The publisher should review the documentation and complete and submit the ORTB Integration Questionnaire. If the publisher has any relevant documentation, they should send it to the AE/CS at PubMatic for review prior to the technical call.

Once the PubMatic team receives and reviews the questionnaire and any documentation from the publisher, they will determine if a technical call is necessary to discuss the details required. 

Solutions Design PubMaticUp to 1 Week

During this phase, PubMatic will compare the PubMatic and publisher specs and design the best approach for the implementation. PubMatic will define any dependencies, (e.g., custom changes and whether or not we support them). If the requirements are not feasible in the current design, PubMatic will discuss with internal product teams to see if we or the publisher can create another solution to satisfy the requirements.

PubMatic will set up an integration call, if necessary with the publisher to discuss the integration approach to which the publisher will then sign off. 

Account SetupPubMatic2 Days

 PubMatic will set up the account and provide the following to the publisher:

  • Publisher Account ID
  • ORTB end-point
  • Cookie sync end-point
  • Sample request/response
Implementation by the PublisherPublisherUp to 1 Week

Initial setup and cookie sync configuration is performed by the publisher during this phase using the details provided by PubMatic.

Once the publisher has completed the set up, they should notify PubMatic and provide a test page.

Test in Staging EnvironmentPubMatic   &   PublisherUp to 1 Week

Using the test page provided by the publisher, PubMatic will test the creative rendering and validate the request/response on the staging server. The log analysis will also be reviewed. 

In this stage, PubMatic will coordinate with the publisher and complete the following action items:

  • Review the bid request and ensure all key parameters are passed.
  • Record bid request and response logging into translator.
  • Review test page/app for creative rendering, tracker & event calls.
  • In the case of Desktop/Mobile Web, review test page for cookie sync URL execution.
Soft LaunchPubMatic (primary) &   PublisherUp to 2 Weeks

In this stage, PubMatic will coordinate the following with the publisher:

  • PubMatic will provide details about the integration and will review the UI setup readiness. 
  • PubMatic will inform the publisher about QPS and open a 10-20 QPS. PubMatic will review the bid response/match rates, creative rendering, and check for discrepancies. 
Launch Live in Production

PubMatic   (primary) &   Publisher

Up to 2 Weeks

After a successful soft launch, PubMatic will request that the publisher to open more volume and will monitor traffic for up to 2 weeks.

PubMatic will then schedule a call after launch to recap the process and facilitate the handoff.