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Only available when logged in.

How do I navigate in a space?

The sidebar appears on the left side of the page within a space and lists all of the contents of the space. Use the arrows to expand content collections and click a document in the list to view it. The sidebar can also be expanded or collapsed. View the video in How do I reduce the size of the sidebar? below.

How do I reduce the size of the sidebar?

The sidebar is the main navigation used to locate and view documentation in the community. If you would like to collapse the sidebar to get more viewing space for your document, drag the sidebar handle to the left or double click it to collapse it fully. Navigation can be done on the current document and its child documents from the page tree, but that does not provide all documentation in the space. Expand the sidebar using the same method to view the full contents of the space.


My sidebar disappeared. How do I get it back?

Selecting Advanced Menu from the "Hamburger" menu in the upper right corner will remove the left-hand sidebar completely. To get it back on the same page, select Advanced Menu again. 

If you have hidden the sidebar and then navigate to another page that has a sidebar, it will be expanded by default. This is important as the sidebar is the main way to browse and select documentation to view.

How can I share a page with another user?

Click Share in the toolbar and select one or more users to share with. Enter a message and click Share.


Note: You must be logged in to use this share feature and can only share with other Community members.

How can I get notified when a page or space of interest is updated?


Only available when logged in.

You can "Watch" a space to get notified when a page or a space is updated. 

  1. While viewing a document or space, click Watch in the toolbar.
  2. Select/deselect whether you want to watch all content in the space or just a single page. 

How can I view a list of watched pages/spaces?

  1. Select My Favorites from the "Hamburger" menu.

  2. Click Watches.  

How can I save a document as a favorite?


Only available when logged in.

Save a document or space as a favorite using the Save For Later option from the toolbar.

How can I view a list of favorite documents?

  1. Select My Favorites from the "Hamburger" menu. 

  2. Saved for later should be selected by default. Click a document or space to view it.

How can I find documentation for a specific product area?

Documentation for each product area can be found under the Product Documentation menu. You can also use the Search box to find documentation.

How can I find APIs, SDKs and other documentation for developers?

Developers can view API documentation by selecting either Publisher APIs or Buyer APIs. Each space provides API documentation relevant to each. Additionally, SDK documentation and references for iOS and Android can be found in the SDK space.