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Use the following steps to import data from a Data Management Platform (DMP) that is already integrated with PubMatic.

Create a new DMP Integration

  1. In the Publisher UI, select Audience > Audience Source.

  2. Click Add DMP Integration.
  3. Select a DMP from the DMP Organization list.

  4. Select a User ID Type. This indicates how users are identified: through the device type or browser cookie. 

    The Status will be set to Active by default. Inactive may be selected when editing an existing audience source. 

  5. Enter a description that includes where and how data is collected. (For example, "Data is sources from search data on publishers.")
  6. Select whether the data from this DMP will be shared with no one (No Access), All Publishers, All Buyers/DSPs, or All.

    Note: This permission setting applies only to the source level; the segment audience data does not get shared. To share segment audience data, use the Add to Shared functionality of Audience Segments. Refer to the instructions in the Audiences. See Audience Management documentation for more information.

  7. Click Save.
  8. Send the DPID to the DMP. This will enable the DMP to send data using this DPID, which ensures only this account has access to the data. The DPID is listed to the left of its Source Name in the Audience Source list.

Edit or


deactivate an


audience source

  1. Click the vertical ellipsis to the left of an audience source for more options.
  2. Select Edit to open the source in edit mode.   
    Select Deactivate to deactivate the audience source.
  3. Make edits and save the source.
    Click Continue when prompted to confirm deactivation.