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As part of PubMatic’s commitment to provide a fraud-free marketplace for media buyers, we continue to vigilantly identify and address sources of suspicious activity to ensure that our partners have complete peace of mind when transacting on our platform. 

In addition to immediately removing bad actors upon detection, we’ve also decided to share our findings with partners in hopes of driving an industry-wide effort to clean up the supply chain via regular monthly bulletins. Due to these continued efforts, PubMatic achieved a ~98% fraud-free score for the month of January

With that said, the publisher/domain mappings that we’ve flagged and removed through our inventory clean-up efforts during the month of January are listed on our community site.

Important to note, the end domain may have been innocuous and rather that specific channel to the domain originated the suspicious activity. Actual bidding exposure was immaterial as we immediately removed the mapping from our active inventory footprint.  

We’re sharing this data to provide our partners complete transparency on our actions to improve inventory quality at PubMatic and the supply ecosystem as a whole. As quality scores move back to levels PubMatic has monitored to be suitably pristine for our partners, inventory can be re-instated over time. 

Lastly, in other developments, it was discovered that 29 camera-related apps (with Play Store downloads totals ranging from 100,000 to 1 million downloads each, ~4.3M in aggregate), were being used to display phishing and scam ads or perform other malicious acts. We’re happy to report that PubMatic’s partners we’re protected from malicious/fraudulent activity as these Bundle IDs we’re pre-emptively blocked from our platform - more information on this discovery can be found here. 

If you have any questions regarding our Inventory Quality efforts, please reach out to your PubMatic rep for more details.


Preview and Download: January Blocklist Report

Note: To view the full file, you must download the Blocklist Report.