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Use the following information to transfer audience segment data audience data to PubMatic over SFTP.


dsimerly - 1/10/2021 - The following excerpt is shared with the document, Audience > Data partner integration guide for audiences.




PubMatic data partner ID (DPID) assigned to the data partner at time of integration.
useridintegerThe PubMatic user ID passed to the data partner by PubMatic .
segidinteger array

Use segid to send the complete list of source audience segment IDs to which the user belongs. Each subsequent request for that user with the segid parameter overwrites the user’s already existing segments audiences list.

Omitting the segid parameter removes the entire list of the user's audience segmentsaudiences. See Remove a user from audiences.


A integer value that determines what the identity partner's PubMatic user ID represents:

  • 0 = UID represents a PubMatic cookie ID. Note: when using uidtype=0, you must first perform the UID sync step below.
  • 1 = UID represents a device ID.
  • A different identity partner ID registered with PubMatic.
Note that uidtype is now required for all new integrations. Contact your PubMatic account manager to learn more about UID Type assignment and other identity partners supported by PubMatic.

Last known IP address of the user. Exclude this parameter from the request if the user's last IP address is unknown, and it is optional when you send  country  in the request.
Two-letter code for the user's country; for example,  US IN CA . Exclude this parameter from the request if the user's country is unknown, and it is optional when you send the last known  ip  in the request.