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  1. In the PubMatic UI, navigate to Inventory > Sites & Tags > from the Bulk Uploads drop-down menu, select Upload Domains
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  2. Click Download Template to download the allowlist CSV template (skip ahead to step 5 if you've already downloaded the template and filled it out). 

  3. Open the allowlist CSV template and save it to your computer.

  4. Add your site identifiers and domain/app store URL/CTV app ID/bundle IDs (columns A and B) to the CSV template. There's a max of 10,000 site/app domains per CSV file.
    Save the changes and 
    return to the Upload Domains page in the PubMatic UI when the template is ready.

  5. Click Select File > select your CSV file > click Upload. The validation will take a few minutes because the domains are sent for inventory quality evaluation.


    There's a max of 10,000 site/app domains per CSV file.

  6. You'll know the file upload is complete when the Status column displays Complete (you may need to click the refresh icon). 
    If a header is missing from the CSV file, you'll see an error message at the top of the page. If this happens, download a new template and repeat the upload process.

  7. The Processed Entries column displays the number of domain/app store URLs that were successfully uploaded.

    If any of the URLs failed, click the blue number in the Failed Entries column to download a CSV file that lists the failed URLs and a description of why each one failed. Refer to the Failed URLs section below for the reason associated with each failed URL. Correct the issues and follow the steps above to upload the allowlist file again.