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Blocking by keyword enables gives you the flexibility to block a URL when the specific URLs for an advertiser are not known. Using this feature, the publisher can specify a keyword that is a part of the advertiser’s URL Simply enter a keyword and the PubMatic system will automatically block the entire list of domain URLs that contain this keyword in itword.

For example, if you want to block creatives from an advertiser named , "XYZ," and specify the keyword in PubMatic as xyz, all the domain you can enter the keyword 'XYZ' and all the URLs present in the PubMatic system and all the subsequently added domain URLs, which contain xyzthat contain 'XYZ' will be blocked, such as,,, etc.

This feature also continuously checks the system at regular intervals if any new domain URLs are being used to serve creatives. If such a new URL contains this keyword, then that URL is also automatically blocked. In this way, the publisher does not have to check for new URLs from the blocked advertiser and then block them manually. After adding a new keyword, the publisher can then use this feature to view the list of blocked domain URLs that contain this keyword. This allows the publisher to review and check whether this feature is not accidentally blocking a domain URL due to the presence of the specified keyword. The publisher can then unblock a domain URL which it does not want to block, even though it contains the specified keyword.