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Why use OpenWrap SDK?

The  OpenWrap SDK   lets you leverage PubMatic's robust platform of OpenWrap capabilities within your mobile app. Publishers who want to increase monetization and access the broadest set of exchanges and unique demand, use OpenWrap's transparent enterprise wrapper solution for Prebid. OpenWrap simplifies partner management with an intuitive UI. Enterprise-grade analytics and a dedicated support team help you optimize your inventory's monetization. OpenWrap SDK takes the power of of OpenWrap mobile.    

Key features


Prebid.js is a feature-rich header bidding platform for the web, including more than 200 demand sources and 15 analytics adapters. It supports currency conversion, GDPR, TCF2 (from version 3.12), common ID systems, and multiple ad servers.  


Step-by-step S2S implementation process: OpenRTB 2.3 Ad Server API