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As a publisher with multiple publisher integrations, how can I use the same deal ID to create a deal in each of my accounts? 

In our phase 2 release, we will add a feature allowing users to configure whether a Display & Video 360 API call should be made at the deal level. For this use case, the first deal created for We have introduced a field called ‘Send API request to DV360’ in the deal workflow. This option allows users to choose not to make an API call to Display & Video 360 needs to be made in order 360 for a deal. When using the same deal ID for multiple deals in PubMatic, users need to create the deal in first deal via API to push the deal ID into Display & Video 360. For other deals using the same deal ID, ensure the 'Send API call to Display & Video 360 is set to "No."request to DV360' field must be set to 'No'. This allows multiple deals in PubMatic to share the same deal in Display & Video 360. When the 'Send API request to DV360' field is set to 'No', the Display & Video 360 status will be 'NA' for the deal in the PubMatic UI. 

When I create a PG deal, do the "Spend" and "Impression Target" numbers have to be accurate?