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Follow these steps to create a custom audience. 

  1. Select Audience > Audience SegmentsAudiences.
  2. Choose Create Custom Audience
  3. Name the audience and enter a description (optional).
  4. Select an audience(s) from the menu to create a simple or complex audience:
    • Simple audience: Select an audience from the drop-down menu then go to step 6. 
    • Complex audience: Select an audience then choose +Add another audience to add additional audiences. Choose +Add Group to create multiple groups of audiences. 

      Complex audience limitations: 
      • Limit of five simple audiences per complex audience
      • Limit of one complex audience per deal
      • Complex audiences can't be shared

  5. If you're creating a complex audience, select the appropriate operators for the audiences and groups. Use the table below for guidance:

    OperatorDescriptionAffect on scale

    Both audiences/groups must be included in demand.

    Reduces scale

    Both audiences/groups can be included in demand.

    Adds scale

    The audiences/groups are not included in the demand.

    Reduces scale