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PubMatic’s Inventory Discovery Tool gives users a deeper understanding of the estimated available inventory that meets their selected KPI needs from the past 15 days on our platform. By using the Inventory Discovery Tool on their own or in partnership with their account manager, users can optimize their planning strategy to target lesser-known publishers and domains, all while discovering unique placement opportunities they may never have considered.  It’s an ideal way to uncover brand safe, quality inventory that’s targeted to several pre-determined specifications such as publishers, integration types, directness, formats, platforms, geographies, viewability metrics, categories, and more.   

What are the key benefits of this tool? 


  1. The Inventory Discovery Tool helps buyers plan smartly: 

    • Users can uncover unique inventory opportunities to build deals in brand-safe, quality environments.  

    • Users can preview availability against their KPIs to predict whether their deal’s criteria will perform adequately. 

    • Users can optimize their media plan to secure the greatest availability targeted to achieve their specific campaign KPIs. 

    • Users can develop deeper strategies to plan across differentiated environments and formats. 

    • Users can pair the tool with PubMatic’s Deal Summary tool to reach the largest audience possible across the digital ecosystem. 

  2. The Inventory Discovery Tool helps users discover the perfect inventory: 

They can select their preferred metrics to identify available inventory on PubMatic’s platform via specifications such as: