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PubMatic’s Inventory Discovery Tool gives users a deeper understanding of the estimated available inventory that meets their selected KPI needs from the past 15 30 days on our platform. By using the Inventory Discovery Tool on their own or in partnership with their account manager, users can optimize their planning strategy to target lesser-known publishers and domains, all while discovering unique placement opportunities they may never have considered.  It’s an ideal way to uncover brand safe, quality inventory that’s targeted to several pre-determined predetermined specifications such as publishers, integration types, directness, formats, platforms, geographies, viewability metrics, categories, and more.

What are the key benefits of this tool?  

We’re glad you asked! There are quite a few.  

  1. The Inventory Discovery Tool helps buyers plan smartly:  

    • Users can uncover unique inventory opportunities to build deals in brand-safe, quality environments.

    • Users can preview availability against their KPIs to predict whether their deal’s criteria will perform adequately.

    • Users can optimize their media plan to secure the greatest availability targeted to achieve their specific campaign KPIs.

    • Users can develop deeper strategies to plan across differentiated environments and formats.

    • Users can pair the tool with PubMatic’s Deal Summary tool to reach the largest audience possible across the digital ecosystem.

  2. The Inventory Discovery Tool helps users discover the perfect inventory:


It is now live for use in the Media Buyer Console .  

Can I use this feature on my own?  

Yes. You  may use this feature on your own or in partnership with your account manager.  

Is it guaranteed that this inventory will be available?  

No. This gives a high-level look into the inventory that was available on PubMatic’s platform over the most recent 15 days. It’s likely similar inventory may be available, but we cannot guarantee it.  Additionally, there are various auction dynamics that play a role. For instance, various blocks by publishers or DSPs, QPS caps, and other elements may affect the results.  


What use cases would I want this for?  

  1. You have a unique inventory request that a pre-existing deal ID cannot reach.  

  2. You are looking for all available inventory across multiple formats within a specific publisher’s list of properties.  

  3. You want to know if we have enough inventory to meet their campaign KPIs and what it might cost.

  4. You are looking for domains and apps with the best possible percentage video completion rates, letting you know these may be the ones that hold users' attention for better monetization.

  5. Optimize your inventory based on video completion rates.

  6. Overlaying audience data to understand potential reach, avails, and data cost for relevant inventory available to your account that meets your campaign KPIs at scale.

In each of these situations, the Inventory Discovery Tool can help find unique inventory fast and helps predict whether a deal may perform as expected.

Can I use the Inventory Discovery Tool  on my own?  

Yes. U se Inventory Discovery Tool on your own or in partnership with your PubMatic account manager.

How do I access the Inventory Discovery Tool? 

Log in to MBC, then from the main navigation bar choose, Tools > Inventory Discovery Tool. Learn more.

Am I guaranteed the inventory I select?

The Inventory Discovery Tool shows inventory for the previous estimated 30 days, so this tool can indicate only potential reach and cannot guarantee available inventory. Additionally, there are various auction dynamics that play a role. For instance, various blocks by publishers or DSPs, QPS caps, and other elements may affect results.

How do I layer audience data onto the Inventory Discovery Tool? 

Once logged into your MBC account, click Create a New Report, then within the Audience tab of the new report you will see only the data segments available to your account.

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titleLearn more about audience data in the Inventory Discovery Tool.

What audience data points does Inventory Discovery Tool support? 

Platform, AdFormat, Publishers, Country, Data provider, reach, data CPM, and audience segments.

How will this information be presented? 

After selecting your data points, choose Generate Report. You'll receive an email confirmation containing a download link for the report file containing the supported dimensions about your requested audience data.

Which audience segments can I access?

You can access all data providers currently available to your logged in account.

How do I transfer my selections into the MBC if I like the results of my request? 


In the US, contact your PubMatic account manager to create a deal with your relevant audiences. 


  • For Managed Service, please reach out to your account representative, who will work with PubMatic's Deal Desk and EMEA Audience Team. 
  • For Self Service buyers, if you need assistance, contact your PubMatic account representative, which may include the Audience Team or Deal Desk. 


In APAC, contact your PubMatic account representative who will work with the internal deal desk and audience development team to create a deal with your relevant audiences.

Can Inventory Discovery help me  optimize my inventory based on Video Completion Rate (VCR) criteria?

Inventory Discovery lets you preview specific inventory/domains with high VCR so that you can decide what you may want to allowlist and blocklist. Inventory Discovery can also give you insights into: