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Outstream and instream videos work in very different ways. The most important thing to understand when using OpenWrap and Prebid.js, is that bidders see the inventory as a video ad unit, but the ad server sees the inventory as a display unit. Because the ad server sees the ad unit as display, multi-format ad units that bid both display and video are possible. If a video bid wins, the wrapper injects a video player (the “renderer”), then passes the video creative to the renderer.

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OpenWrap and Prebid outstream support

Impression counting

Since the ad unit looks like a display ad unit to the ad server and a video ad unit to the SSP, the impression counting methods are different. The ad server counts display ad impressions as billable when a tracker, inserted at the top of the winning ad HTML, reports that the ad has rendered. The creative notifies the wrapper it won, at which point the wrapper records the impressions, inserts the outstream player on the page, then instructs the player to play the winning ad.