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winteger; requiredWidth of the impression in pixels.
hinteger; requiredHeight of the impression in pixels.
battrinteger array; optionalBlocked creative attributes.

integer array;


Blocked banner ad types:

1 = XHTML text ad

2 = XHTML banner ad

3 = JS

4 = iframe

posinteger; optionalAd position on screen.
topframeinteger; optionalIndicates if the banner is in the top frame as opposed to an iframe, where 0 = no, 1 = yes.
expdirinteger array; optionalDirections in which the banner may expand.
format object array; recommended

Array of format objects representing permitted banner sizes. Banner.w and banner.h are considered as primary width and height.

Limitation: 4 10 objects max.

apiinteger array; recommended

List of supported API frameworks for the impression. If an API si not explicitly listed, it is assumed not to be supported.


In OpenRTB 2.1-2.5, the api attribute is now also used in support of the Open Measurement SDK.

Add 7 to the array of supported API frameworks if you use Open Measurement.

See List 5.6 API Frameworks in the IAB OpenRTB Advisory for Open Measurement SDK to learn more.