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idStringBidder generated bid ID to assist with logging/tracking.Yes
impidStringID of the Imp object in the related bid request.Yes
apiintegerAPI required by the markup if applicable. Refer to List  5.6.Yes (if enabled for publisher)
protocolintegerVideo response protocol of the markup if applicable. Refer to List  5.8.Yes (if enabled for publisher) Ad Duration of Creative.Yes (if configured for publisher)
ext.crtypestringApplovin OpenRTB Extension supported.Yes (if configured for publisher)
priceStringBid price expressed as CPM although the actual transaction is for a unit impression only.Yes
cidStringCampaign ID to assist with ad quality checking; the collection of creatives for which iurl should be representative. Yes
admStringMeans of conveying ad markup in case the bid wins.Yes
adomainString ArrayAdvertiser domain for block list checking (e.g., ""). This can be an array of for the case of rotating creatives.Yes
iurlStringURL without cache-busting to an image that is representative of the content of the campaign for ad quality/safety checking.Yes
burlStringBilling notice URL called by the exchange when a winning bid becomes billable based on exchange-specific business policy (e.g., typically delivered, viewed, etc.). needs to replace ${AUCTION_PRICE} macro with actual bid price in case pubmatic win bid.Yes
cridStringCreative ID to assist with ad quality checkingYes

ID of a preloaded ad to be served if the bid wins. Please contact your account manager to enable this.

dealidStringReference to the from the bid request if this bid pertains to a private marketplace direct deal.No
hIntegerHeight of the creative in pixels.Yes
wIntegerWidth of the creative in pixelsYes
extObjectPlaceholder for bidder-specific extensions to OpenRTBYes

Bid Bid ext object

dspidStringDSP IDYes
advidStringAdvertiser IDYes
third_party_buyer_tokenStringThe third_party_buyer_token field lets publishers identify a response and keep the mapping on their side to resolve any billing discrepancies.Yes
skadnObjectskadn object, will be sent as received from DSPYes

Type of winning bid.

Possible values:

0: Banner
1: Video
2: Native