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titleAudience targeting



Audience targeting can include a buyer's first-party


audiences, publisher's first-party


audiences, and PubMatic


audiences. To find a specific provider, use the Search box or select from the Provider list.

PubMatic data is global. We recommend you add Geo-targeting if you want to target users of a specific country.


Select Include if you want to target specific audience segmentsaudiences.

Select Exclude to prevent ads from showing to specific audiences. Only first-party segments audiences without a price ($0) can be excluded.

Click include (or exclude) to add an audience segment to the deal.

Imp Avail.

Click show data tosee how many impressions are available for an Audience Segment. This number includes the targeting selected for publisher, ad format, platform, and geography.

Override Audience CPM Deal

The deal-level data CPM feature allows data providers to override the default price for an audience in a given deal.   

  • The data CPM set for a deal will apply to all audiences included for a deal.  

  • The price can only be overridden for audience directly owned by the account.

  • Deal CPMs can be edited while a deal is inflight, and it will take immediately effect.

To enable the Override Audience CPM Deal:

  1. Add the audiences you want to be included in a deal. 

  2. Toggle the Override CPM for Deal button to Yes.  

  3. Input new CPM to be used for all audience in deal.    

The deal summary will also reflect that the audience price has been overridden for each deal.



Max Total Available Impressions refers to the number of ad requests PubMatic has received from publishers in the last 30 days.

  • Data is not available at the DMA, Region or City level.

  • More than one audience segment audience may be selected, but the number of impressions available might be inflated due to duplicate impressions across audiences.