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  • Ad units can only be configured when the version is in draft status.
  • Each time you upload an ad unit configuration, it overwrites the previous configuration.


Follow these steps to upload an ad unit configuration.

  1. Select Inventory > OpenWrap from the main navigation screen.
  2. Select the Profile Management tab.
  3. Select your profile from the Select Profile dropdown list.
  4. Choose Actions > Map Ad Units next to  for the most recent version.

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  5. For Ad Unit Configuration (Optional), choose from the Actions menu > Upload Config and upload your JSON file.
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  6. The following message will appear when upload is complete:


AttributeDescriptionData type
battrBlocked creative attributes. (Values supported by oRTB 2.5 spec should be sent.)Array of Integers
mindurationMinimum video ad duration in seconds.Integer
maxdurationMaximum video ad duration in seconds.Integer
skipDetermines whether the player allows the video to be skipped; 0 = no, 1 = yes.Integer
skipminVideos of total duration greater than this number of seconds are skippable.Integer
skipafterNumber of seconds a video must play before allowing the user to skip the video.Integer

Use the clientconfig object to return operational information to OpenWrap SDK by the OpenWrap S2S response:

AttributeUnitDescriptionSDK default value
refreshintervalsecondsOpenWrap SDK auto-refreshes the banner (display/video) ads after this interval.
OpenWrap SDK defaults to the ad unit level refresh value over the profile level.
When enabled, min refresh interval is 10 seconds.
The value configured in the OpenWrap profile.
timeouts:wrapperTagURImillisecondsOpenWrap SDK sends a TIMEOUT error to the app if the wrapper ad tag URI doesn't load within this time value. The SDK also sends VAST error code 301.1 second
timeouts:mediaFileURImillisecondsOpenWrap SDK sends a NETWORK error if the media file doesn't load within this time value. SDK also sends VAST error code 402.10 seconds
rewardsArray of key-value paired reward objects

List of rewards to be used if a partner bids on the rewarded ad slot:

rewards[i].type /* string: currency of the reward */
rewards[i].value /* positive integer | value of the reward */

1. If your app does not return a reward from the list, OpenWrap returns the first reward by default.
2. The best practice is to add the rewards in slot-level clientconfig instead of relying on the default.


In a MoPub integration, OpenWrap SDK uses MoPub's reward configuration and validation capabilities. In this case, rewards configured through OpenWrap are not valid.


To learn more about the clientconfig object see, Using the clientconfig object with video ads in OpenWrap SDK below.

JSON object
enabledIndicates whether video bidding is enabled for this ad slot, where true = yes, false = no.Boolean

List of network connection types appropriate for the video being served:

    0 = Unknown
   1 = Ethernet
   2 = WIFI
   3 = Cellular Network – Unknown Generation
   4 = Cellular Network – 2G
   5 = Cellular Network – 3G
   6 = Cellular Network – 4G
   7 = Cellular Network – 5G

titleBest practice to optimize user experience…
Avoid using video ads with a 2G connectiontype.

Array of Integers
playbackmethodArray of playback methods that may be in use (send values supported by oRTB 2.5 spec). See, Using the clientconfig object with video ads > Remote configurations for video.Array of Integers
contextRequired for Video ads using OpenWrap client-side integrations. Indicates if the ads are instream or outstream. Currently, the only acceptable value for this field is: instreamString
mimesContent MIME types supported. (Values supported by oRTB 2.5 spec should be sent.)Array of Strings
protocolsArray of supported video protocols. (Values supported by oRTB 2.5 spec should be sent.)Array of Integers
wWidth of the video player in device independent pixels (DIPS).Integer
hHeight of the video player in device independent pixels (DIPS).Integer
startdelayIndicates the start delay in seconds for pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ad placements.Integer
placementPlacement type for the impression.Integer
linearityIndicates if the impression must be linear, nonlinear, etc. If none specified, assume all are allowed. (Values supported by oRTB 2.5 spec should be sent.)Integer
sequenceIf multiple ad impressions are offered in the same bid request, the sequence number will allow for the coordinated delivery of multiple creatives.Integer
maxextendedMaximum extended ad duration if extension is allowed. If blank or 0, extension is not allowed. If -1, extension is allowed, and there is no time limit imposed. If greater than 0, then the value represents the number of seconds of extended play supported beyond the maxduration value.Integer
minbitrateMinimum bit rate in Kbps.Integer
maxbitrateMaximum bit rate in Kbps.Integer
boxingallowedIndicates if letter-boxing of 4:3 content into a 16:9 window is allowed, where 0 = no, 1 = yes.Integer
deliverySupported delivery methods (e.g., streaming, progressive). If none specified, assume all are supported. (Values supported by oRTB 2.5 spec should be sent.)Array of Integers
posAd position on screen. (Values supported by oRTB 2.5 spec should be sent.)Integer
companionadArray of Banner objects (Section 3.2.6) if companion ads are available. (See oRTB 2.5 spec for Banner object in request)Array of Banner objects
apiList of supported API frameworks for this impression. If an API is not explicitly listed, it is assumed not to be supported. (Values supported by oRTB 2.5 spec should be sent.)Array of Integers
companiontypeSupported VAST companion ad types. (Values supported by oRTB 2.5 spec should be sent.)Array of Integers