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Table of Contents

Setting Custom Parameters

Use Custom Parameters to create key-value pairs for ad targeting. Key-value targeting enables the Unified Ad Server to specify targeting parameters required, e.g. pageID=123. You can define custom criteria based on common characteristics of your site visitors collected through your website.

Only users with the role, Network, Order Admin or AdOps can create custom parameters.

Note: The custom key-values must not be used to pass data or target the ads that PubMatic or others could use or recognize as personally-identifiable information or personal data of a user.

Creating a Custom Parameter

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  1. To create a custom parameter, select Tools | Targeting from the main navigation. Add the following:
  • Name*: Enter a parameter name.
  • Description: Describe the custom values.
  • Data Type: Click Number or Text.
  • Data Source:
  • Click User-Entered 
    Click Predefined List and type values for the parameter, separated by a comma, or click the Template Example file to download a CSV file, which you can update with values and upload to complete the values for the parameter.

2. Click


Once saved these custom key-value pairs will then appear in the line item targeting section for selection.

Finding & Managing Custom Parameters

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From the Custom Parameters page:

  • Use Find to locate parameters.
  • Use Type to select Number or Text.
  • Use Status to select for parameters with the same status.
  • Click the column heads to change the column order
  • Click Actions to view, edit, or deactivate a custom parameter.


Targeting Presets

Targeting presets are used as templates for defining targeting criteria. Modifying an existing preset will not impact line items that have already used this preset. You can save targeting presets (templates), which can be uses at a later point for quickly defining targeting criteria for a new line item. There is a single end-point to configure and save all types of targets in a preset template. 

Creating a Preset

  1. Select Tools | Targeting from the main navigation and select the Targeting Presets tab.
  2. Click Create Preset.
  3. Select tabs on the left for each targeting criteria (e.g., Inventory, Geography, Location, etc.). From each tab, select the targeting you want to add to the preset.
  4. Click Save or Save Create Another Preset.



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