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Publishers can assign rules and priorities that apply to the bidding process on their inventory. Priorities determine which of the bids from demand sources should be considered in the bidding process. This page To provide a simpler priority model for publishers, PubMatic implemented a more efficient model that includes a maximum of 16 priority levels (P16). All new PubMatic customers will be set up on the P16 priority model.

PubMatic has traditionally provided 100 priority levels (P100). This provides flexibility, but with so many levels, it can result in underperforming campaigns/lower fill rates for some deals due to inadvertently setting overlapping rules. PubMatic clients can opt to move from the P100 to the P16 model; existing deals will be mapped to the new priority levels.

Accessing rules

  1. Select Inventory > RTB Rules from the main navigation.
  2. Create and Manage Rules and Priorities. Refer to RTB Rules  and  and Managing Rules for more details.


The P16 model offers a range of priorities for each deal type. This intentionally sets a higher priority for some deal types over others. For example, PMP-Guaranteed deals have a higher priority than RTB. It's important to understand the hierarchy of how each is considered when applying Rules and Priorities. 

Open RTB

Open RTB (Real Time Bidding-time bidding) is an auction-based open market that enables the buying and selling of  of ad impressions through instantaneous auctions, facilitated by ad exchanges or Demand and Supply Side Platforms (DSP & SSP).