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This page provides information about the current status of PubMatic's Analytics. PubMatic will update this page as status changes.All Analytics operations are running normal

October 22, 2021

PubMatic Reporting Advisory: In-App Display Revenue Reporting Anomaly 

Please note that due to a reporting anomaly from Tuesday, October 19, through today, Friday, October 22, revenue and impression reporting may be incorrect. This issue only applies to in-app display banner reporting for one DSP. 

Reporting is expected to be corrected by 11 PM PST on Monday, October 25. 

Please re-run any reports, including API, after that time. There is no loss of data or impact on monetization. We are sorry for any inconvenience. 

September 7, 2021

Analytics's domain reports - Domain Report and Domain Report ( Includes non-whitelisted domains))- showed slightly inflated numbers for Sept. 7th for all partners for few hours. We have corrected the data. We request you to re-pull the data.