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Table of Contents

Product DescriptionLinks to New/Updated Documentation
RTB Platform
  • The GDPR Implementation document describes the impact and compliance of GDPR considerations for Publishers and DSPs.
  • The RTB Platform Updates document describes GDPR-related updates to the RTB platform: new parameters, passing parameters to DSPs and Google Exchange Bidding Publishers, and user sync process changes for GDPR compliance.

GDPR Implementation in the RTB Platform

RTB Platform Updates

  • Added support for integrating with Consent Management Platforms. This can be set in a new or existing Partner Profile. 

Product Update Announcement

Updated Profile Management Documentation

Unified Ad Server (UAS)
  • UAS will filter Ad Units, Orders, Line Items & Creatives that have a frequency cap applied for any user that has not provided consent to PubMatic (opted out).
  • UAS will perform hyperlocal targeting after masking for Location if a user has not provided consent to PubMatic (opted out).
  • UAS will filter all Line Items that target IP Address/IP Address Range if a user has not provided consent to PubMatic (opted out).
  • UAS will filter all Audience-targeted Line Items if a user has not provided consent to PubMatic (opted out).
  • A Line Item with a sequential rotation creative will only deliver for the user where PubMatic cookies are dropped successfully; Otherwise, only the first creative will be shown for the cookie-less user or PubMatic/GDPR opted-out user.
  • Notation added in PubMatic's Custom Parameters regarding custom key-values, which must not be used to pass data or target the ads that PubMatic or others could use or recognize as personally identifiable information or personal data of a user.
  • GDPR & GDPR_CONSENT parameters added to manage GDPR compliance signals and consent string.
  • Updated notation for PubMatic's handling of %%UDID%% macro and added new macros for %%GDPR%% and %%GDPR_CONSENT%%.

Line Item Details (UAS)

Adding Creatives in UAS

Creating Ad Units in UAS

Creating Orders in UAS

Setting Creative Rotation for Multiple Creatives in UAS

Setting Custom Parameters

UAS Ad Tag User Guide

UAS Ad Server Macros

Ad Tags
  • The JavaScript, Iframe and HTML ad tags for Desktop and Mobile Banner ads now contain the kadGdpr and kadGdprConsent fields, while the Desktop and Mobile Video ad tags will contain the gdpr and gdpr_consent fields. Learn more about how to manage the downloaded ad tag code from this document.
  • Video-specific: Two new mandatory parameters for GDPR compliance added to PubMatic video (VAST & VPAID) tags.

Managing Downloaded Ad Tag Code

Video-specific Parameters

User Sync
  • userSync.js has been updated to process the GDPR parameters.  

usersync.js for Cookie Sync

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