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Accessing Preferences

  1. Right-click anywhere on the browser screen and select Ad Inspector from the menu. 
  2. Click the Settings icon Image RemovedImage Added and select Preferences.


In the Setup tab, you can enable:

  • Ad Inspector to start up when the browser window is opened by selecting Auto-start Ad Inspector when Firefox starts.
  • the display of the Ad Inspector panel when Ad Inspector is started by selecting Always show Ad Inspector panel when Ad Inspector is started.
  • the display of the Email and Screenshot links when you place the mouse pointer over the highlighted ad on the web page by selecting Show Overlay.


In the Licenses tab, you can:

  • view the date on which your current authorization key will expire. It also displays the number of days left for the key to expire.
  • update or renew the license for your Ad Inspector instance by specifying the authorization key in the Authorization Key text box and clicking the Update Authorization Key button.
  • click the Click here link to open the PubMatic platform in a new tab in the browser window so that you can log in to it using your publisher login credentials and generate a new authorization key (in case your current key has expired).

    Note: If the status symbol is red, then it indicates that the license key has already expired.

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